10 Jobs with Fastest-Growing Salaries This Year

Planning your next career move? You’ve picked the right time. According to Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, the economy added 228,000 jobs in November alone. “With unemployment at a 17-year low, these are good times for job seekers,” Chamberlain says. 

The wages for some jobs, in particular, are on the rise. When you’re looking at your future job, not only is the salary they’re offering now important – but also your salary’s potential for future growth. According to Glassdoor’s Local Pay Report, here are 10 jobs with some of the fastest-growing salaries this year, and what it takes to snag one. 

Median Base Pay: $28,452

What It Takes: Chopping, mixing, slicing, dicing, sautéing, frying – cooks need to know how to do it all, and then some. Being a cook, though, isn’t all about formal education, although cooking school can help. Other ways to enter the profession include apprenticeships, vocational training, or working your way up on the job. Cooks need attention to detail, tremendous stamina, the ability to work in teams – and preferably a good sense of taste and smell! 

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Median Base Pay: $41,636

What It Takes: Insurance agents work for insurance agencies or brokerages to sell specific insurance policies to customers. Most insurance agents have a background (and preferably a bachelor’s degree) in business or economics. However, it’s by no means a prerequisite – insurance agents can come from all types of backgrounds. To become an insurance agent, you need a license. Many states require between 25 and 50 hours of class before the exam. Upon successfully completing the exam, you’ll get your license. Then, all that’s left is finding a job at an insurance agency! 

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Median Base Pay: $54,625

What It Takes: Medical technologists work in hospitals or independent laboratories analyzing blood, cells, and bodily fluids. They also may operate laboratory equipment, run tests and analyze results, and log data. Aspiring medical technologies will have a bachelor’s degree to find a job in this field. An exam administered by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) provides certifications for medical technologists, allowing them to earn the title of MT. 

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Median Base Pay: $42,282

What It Takes: Receiving, handling, storing, and distributing different goods are all part of what a warehouse associate executes and helps manage on a daily basis. To be a warehouse associate, a high school degree is needed. However, to level up and become a warehouse manager, generally a bachelor’s degree, along with experience on the job, is preferred. 

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Median Base Pay: $52,945

What It Takes: If you like driving, this may be the perfect job for you. Many people also turn to truck-driving as a side hustle, to fill in gaps in their income. To become a truck driver, generally a high school diploma or GED is preferred. Your first hurdle is truck driving school, which teaches you everything you need to know about the practices, regulations, and tricks of the trade of truck driving. Then, you take your state’s commercial driver’s license exam. Upon passing, as well as meeting a few other requirements, your commercial driver’s license is your key to a truck driving job. Buckle up! 

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Median Base Pay: $24,563

What It Takes: A barista makes coffees and drinks, helps prepare food, keeps the café clean, and everything else that keeps customers happy when they order their morning coffee. To become a barista, a high school degree or GED is generally preferred, but not always required. To get an extra edge, some people go to training programs or get certificates to show that they’ve studied the arts of being a barista. Other than that, having a cheerful demeanor, being a reliable team player, being a good communicator, and having a love for coffee all help barista be successful at what they do. 

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Median Base Pay: $52,448

What It Takes: Web designers have a hand in creating every single page you’re on when using the internet – including the one you’re on right now! And not every web designer has a degree in computer science. In fact, the tools for teaching yourself how to be a web designer are available online. It just requires serious determination, grit, and practice on your part. Websites such as Lynda.com, codecademy, and udemy all have tutorials on web development. You’ll need to know languages like HTML, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and CSS – at a minimum. In addition, to be taken seriously as a web designer, you’ll need a portfolio of your web design work you can show to potential employers. This will speak way louder than the skills you’ve written down you have on paper. 

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Median Base Pay: $27,620

What It Takes: Cashiers help us buy everything, whether it’s food, clothes, or a new pool floaty. To be a cashier, generally, a high school diploma or GED is preferred, but not always strictly required. Other skills like basic math, quick reading, computer skills, and knowing a second language like Spanish may also be helpful. 

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Median Base Pay: $28,676

What It Takes: Bank tellers help patrons of the bank deposit, withdraw, and perform other transactions with their money. To be a bank teller, a high school diploma is required. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree may help with opportunities for advancement. Bank tellers generally work very reasonable hours, as most banks have reduced hours on weekends and nights. Being a bank teller requires attention to detail, while still being able to help customers feel at ease and taken care of.  

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Median Base Pay: $45,424

What It Takes: To work in tech support, you need to be good at identifying problems. Specifically, problems in software, hardware, and other computer equipment. While not strictly required, it’s generally preferred to have at least an associate’s degree, and preferably a bachelor’s degree. In addition, to be an effective tech support, it’s good to have basic programming experience, an aptitude for problem-solving, and good listening and communication abilities. 

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