14 Top Paying Jobs You Can Grow in This Year

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what jobs were gonna lead to your financial and personal success before you even clicked “submit” on your application?

Well, we’re just the career fairies then, because we stumbled upon some pretty useful information that we’re excited to share. LinkedIn recently release their list of the “Most Promising Jobs of 2017,” compiled based on user’s rankings of “salary, career advancement, number of job openings in the US, year-over-year growth in job openings, and widespread regional availability.”

So, what does this mean for you? Basically, a high base salary, tons of potential to move up and around in your field, and plenty of companies and roles to choose from. Check out what companies on The Muse say about these roles—and if they just might be the perfect fit for you.

1. Sales Engineer, Base Salary: $80,000

Besides gaining a hefty salary, this field, according to Appian’s sales engineer opening, lets you bridge departments: “You’ll actively drive and manage the technology evaluation stage of the sales process, working in conjunction with the sales team as the key technical adviser and product advocate.”

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2. Site Reliability Engineer, Base Salary: $140,000

All big companies, such as Uber, Yelp, Squarespace, and AOL, need a site reliability engineer.

But what would that role look like? According to Uber’s Pittsburgh posting, you’ll “work closely with all teams, spanning the range from machine learning teams, to datacenter teams, to sensor teams, to understand needs, distill requests, come up with plans, get buy-in, and write software.”

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3. Product Manager, Base Salary: $97,500

As Muse Product Manager Sarah Sprague perfectly put it, “Have you ever tried to purchase something on your phone and you almost threw your phone across the room out of frustration while trying to complete the purchase form? Well guess what—a product manager was responsible for pushing that live.”

So, if that sounds like a field you want to get involved in, you should look into all the awesome companies hiring product managers across the US—and the globe.

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4. Financial Analyst, Base Salary: $64,000

LinkedIn’s list puts the career advancement score of a financial analyst at 8/10, which is a pretty big promise.

But it’s not an unrealistic one. In Hewlett Packard Enterprise, for example, you can jump right into the position at any one of their global offices with zero previous experience. And after that, opportunity abounds. Evan Pierce, an HR generalist, there says, “If you’re adaptable to change, have excellent time management, and are willing to continue learning, the sky is the limit for you here.”

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5. Technical Program Manager, Base Salary: $129,000

A technical program manager, as you’d guess, has to come with a wealth of experience in engineering, program management, and software. But the role, says Medallia’s technical program manager listing, is also meant for “a strong leader who can prioritize well, communicate clearly and compellingly, and who understands how to drive a high level of focus and excellence.”

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6. Program Manager, Base Salary: $97,400

If you haven’t seen an industry on this list yet that interests you—fear not! Almost every single one employs program managers. Slightly different from a technical program manager, a program manager “serves as primary point of contact…with regard to the evaluation, negotiation, identification of business value, and prioritization of requests, and develops and maintains high level program roadmaps,” says Ultimate Software’s open position.

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7. Data Engineer, Base Salary: $105,000

“If you love solving problems at scale, designing elegant data models, implementing resilient data pipelines, and making an impact through data,” data engineering is for you, says Venmo’s listing. Plus, it’s a pretty common position, so lots of options to choose from.

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8. Scrum Master, Base Salary: $100,000

According to JAMF Software, “the scrum master is responsible for assisting software engineering teams in the delivery of world class, customer delighting products.” Important skills to thrive in this field include a Scrum Master Certification, knowledge or experience with widely successful Agile techniques, and experience being on various Scrum teams.

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9. Software Engineer, Base Salary: $94,000

Software engineers openings come in many forms—internships, entry level, senior level, and beyond. Which means whether you’re a career changer or a new grad you can explore this field. And as you’ve heard over and over, companies are constantly hiring these guys.

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10. Business Analyst, Base Salary: $70,000

If you majored in computer science, math, engineering, statistics, or any other quantitative field, business analyst could be the job for you. As an entry-level position at Yelp, your main job would be to “identify first rate, actionable, analytically driven insights to improve business performance.” A love of numbers is a big plus.

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11. Tax Manager, Base Salary: $103,000

If you majored in accounting or have a background in law, you should consider becoming a tax manager. Facebook’s listing says you’d be “responsible for the tax compliance, driving tax initiatives and processes, and supporting the tax audits in the region.”

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12. Data Architect, Base Salary: $122,000

A data architect, according to HBO, “plays a key role in defining and executing an end-to-end vision that transforms numerous sources of data to usable, performant assets that support various workloads for our data scientists and analysts.” Just as important is an extreme curiosity and passion for data.

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13. Analytics Manager, Base Salary: $109,000

An analytics manager has the potential to work cross-departmentally. For example, at Box, a sales analytics manager would need both sales and business analytics experience in order to help the company close more deals and sell more efficiently.

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14. Customer Success Manager, Base Salary: $72,000

Customer success managers are all about the customer—they help engage, retain, and enable customers to use and love a product, building personalized and important relationships the whole way. Adds Mulesoft, “you ensure that customers derive maximum value from their investments and fully leverage their subscriptions and services on an ongoing basis.”

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