16 Companies With Great Work-Life Balance

You want a job you feel passionate about. But, just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you want to spend your entire life in the office.

Fortunately, these 16 companies understand that. Not only are they awesome and rewarding places to work, but they also recognize the importance of balance. So they encourage their employees to enjoy their lives—both in the office and out.

Is that just the type of employer you’re looking for? You’re in luck—each and every one of these companies is hiring right now.

BSA is a global manufacturer and supplier of materials supporting both wholesale and retail areas of the automotive, agricultural, forestry, and mining industries.

One of the many ways that Bridgestone encourages work-life balance? Alternative work schedules. With that approach, certain employees have the option to adjust their schedules and take every other Friday off—giving them the chance to extend their weekends, spend more quality time with their families, and enjoy some time away from the office.

Asana is a web and mobile task management app—designed to effortlessly increase teamwork productivity without email.

Asana gives its employees autonomy to manage individual work schedules, allowing everybody to have lives outside of their careers—and giving working parents free time to tend to family responsibilities. By placing an emphasis on passions instead of punching the clock, Asana enables its teams to work diligently yet flexibly at a healthy pace, supporting an enjoyable work-life balance without burn out.

WEX provides trusted payment processing solutions and information management services. Known as the leading servicer for commercial and government vehicle fleets, WEX is rapidly expanding.

There’s no shortage of perks for WEX employees—from tuition reimbursement to onsite fitness centers. But the one that team members appreciate most? The emphasis on work-life balance. “We have a lot of flexibility—we can work from home or take breaks throughout the day to relax or unwind with friends in the game room,” says Riley Griffin, Senior Software Engineer.

Kaleidoscope blends design, execution, and strategy to create holistic solutions for clients and campaigns, connecting the dots between consumer needs and overall brand experiences.

Kaleidoscope understands the importance of giving employees plenty of time away from work. But the time they do spend in the office? They want it to be as enjoyable as possible. From dog-friendly spaces to the rooftop fit for summer barbecues, Kaleidoscope knows what it takes to make time spent in the office cheery—rather than a chore.

CSI globalVcard creates completely customizable financial software suites that allow clients all around the world to reduce costs and increase profitability in all areas of corporate purchasing.

To promote balance and support a positive, comfortable in-office environment, CSI globalVCard presents its employees with regular catered lunches—prepared by an award-winning chef. There’s also a big focus on employee wellness, which is why team members across the company have access to gym memberships and yoga classes.

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit technology trade association that enables mass innovation through open-source collaboration across companies, developers, and users.

Very few companies are able to provide as much work-life balance as one that works entirely virtually. The Linux Fondation employs individuals in 36 different states and four countries. To help make this possible, a stipend is provided for employees to equip their home offices, buy their own computers, and rent co-working spaces around the world.

LegalZoom enables businesses and families to protect what matters most. With helpful tools and convenient access to attorneys, LegalZoom has helped close to 4 million people manage their legal needs.

Considering employee happiness a major priority, LegalZoom creates a culture of comfort for its employees that supports flexibility and freedom—and motivates independence. The company cultivates a stress-free, relaxed atmosphere with lots of breathing room and zero micro-management—and affords its employees the luxury to work creatively from home when needed.

DentalOne refines the entire patient care experience by delivering operational support and top-tier service management so dentists can focus on treatment without sacrificing practice excellence.

When it comes to work-life balance, Dental One Partners takes things a step further than only focusing on schedules and time off. Between monthly get-togethers, targeted team-building, rewards and recognition, “Feel Good Committees,” and having fun, workplace balance means being happy and engaged while at work and at home.

Medidata develops cloud-based tech that streamlines biopharma research. Its platform optimizes drug development and clinical trial processes, accelerating time-to-market for new treatments.

Medidata has built a company culture where everybody feels cared for and appreciated for their work. A high value is placed on teamwork at this company, whether through collaborative projects or team-building activities outside of work. Special events and intramural teams offer opportunities for employees to bond and establish rapport.

O3b provides a next generation satellite network that enables customers in emerging markets to extend their range and reach of service through fast, flexible, and affordable connectivity.

O3b knows that work-life balance also applies to the relationships that employees share with their colleagues. That’s one one of the company’s signature traditions is to have lunch provided for employees three days a week. During the lunches, the whole O3b family gets to sit down together as a group to talk about anything from their families to current events, allowing employees to get to know one another on a personal level and take a fun, delicious respite from work.

OpenMarket helps enterprises use mobile technology to transform their business. The company offers domain expertise, service flexibility, and reliable network performance on a global scale.

One of the things employees love most about working at OpenMarket is the freedom and autonomy to grab the reins, work in the way that suits them best, and take charge of their own careers and lives. “OpenMarket is very much a place where you can be in charge of your own destiny,” shares Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist.

Agile is an innovative Atlanta-based information technology staffing and consulting firm that speeds time to talent by matching great people to great business opportunities.

Hard work earns big rewards at Agile—but top performers don’t sacrifice work-life balance to reap benefits. For example, employees can opt to work from home three days a week and excel on their own schedule. With a culture built on trust and accountability and an emphasis on results and not routine, team members get their work done in the way they see fit—without leaders managing every single move.

Since its fateful founding in 1921, Rust-Oleum has been crafting creative, durable solutions for every home and industry need, from surface protection to inspired looks for every idea.

Good is never good enough at Rust-Oleum. And that’s not a philosophy that just applies to the company’s products—it also applies to its culture. Rust-Oleum is always on the lookout for ways it can continue to make life better for its employees, both at work and at home. “Rust-Oleum is all about recognizing employees for their hard work and keeping up company morale,” says Ryan Malo, Material Handler.

Curalate is an innovative visual commerce platform that provides its clients with an enhanced digital experience that consists of tools to increase brand awareness, engagement, and revenue.

A few core values of the Curalate culture include collaboration, open communication, and transparency. Giving employees access to the proper tools, information, and the opportunity to grow allows team members to take control of their own success. Employees also enjoy fantasy football leagues, Lean-In Circles, company sports teams, happy hours, crafting, and game nights. Curalate is determined to create multiple venues for collaboration and teamwork, both inside and outside of the office.

Goosehead Insurance is an independent agency and franchise company, taking pride in the power of choice and protecting people without cutting corners.

Goosehead knows there’s one surefire way to ensure that employees are getting what they need from their career: open and honest communication. Leaders at Goosehead Insurance pride themselves on being approachable and accessible. With team huddles every week and one-on-one review sessions twice each month, employees continuously have the opportunity to ask important questions, offer feedback, and improve performance.

Index Exchange equips enterprise sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell-side management technology, and access to programmatic demand organized and certified by humans.

Many employees note how the culture of Index Exchange is like that of a family. As a group of people dedicated to doing business honestly and transparently, colleagues feel connected and supported as they work towards a common business goal. It’s important that employees interact and blow off some steam, away from their desk and with all teams—whether that’s weekly catered lunches, mid-day Nerf gun fights, or coffee breaks in the kitchen.

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