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We know, every year get fit is at the top of your list of New Year’s Resolutions. After the champagne and holiday cookies are gone, we’re all left with the gnawing feeling that we need to shake off the holiday weight and get mentally prepared for the new year.

But we also know that resolutions aren’t always easy to stick to. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 19 companies with wellness programs that’ll help you keep your resolutions. Whether it’s in-office gyms, relaxation rooms, educational classes, or office sports, these companies offer wellness perks that’ll help you stay motivated all year.

So, read on and start checking resolutions off your list!

WebstaurantStore is an e-commerce channel specializing in providing restaurants and commercial food vendors with access to all the products—and information—they need to be successful.

WebstaurantStore understands that its employees are busy and that’s why the company provides perks to lighten everyone’s load. WebstaurantStore offers low-cost daycare for parents, frequent catering from local restaurants and food-trucks, and they even have two on-site chefs providing delicious meals. No more worrying about meal prep, WebstaurantStore does it for you!

Medidata develops cloud-based tech that streamlines biopharma research. Its platform optimizes drug development and clinical trial processes, accelerating time-to-market for new treatments.

If finding more intellectual stimulation is on your list of resolutions, look no further! As a growing, fast-paced tech company, Medidata offers an engaging and intellectually stimulating work environment. “If you’re motivated and excited to tackle challenges with grace, you can be successful at Medidata,” notes Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, Henry Rivera.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Goldman Sachs knows that employees need to blow off steam to remain productive and healthy. That’s why the company has created an environment where employees can have some fun. Teams throw birthday and holiday parties to celebrate personal milestones, take rock climbing classes together, and socialize over karaoke at local bars.

More than just a typical gym, Equinox is a high-end luxury fitness club that has redefined what it means to live a high-performance, well-rounded lifestyle.

Work-life balance, optimized nutrition, and fitness potential are all things Equinox stands behind, not only for its members, but also for its employees. The organization incorporates group fitness classes for staff and partners with charities like Cycle4Survival and The Heroes Project to maximize the potential of both its teams and its community.

Outbrain is the web’s leading content discovery platform—helping publishers track and grow their audiences.

Outbrain values its employees and wants them to value each other as well. That’s why there’s a home-like atmosphere to the offices and they operate under an all for one, one for all mentality—co-workers take care of one another so that if someone needs assistance, the whole office goes out of their way to help them succeed. A culture like that is sure to help you stay on track!

Bemis constructs innovative fabric and compositional solutions for the world’s leading luxury, technical, and lifestyle brands to improve performance and fit.

Bemis believes that creating world-changing, technologically advanced products starts with the simple philosophy of treating people well, and that begins with their employees. “The work is amazing, but there are things I’ve experienced here in terms of health and paid community service time that have changed my life in other ways,” says Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Jared Ide.

Agile is an innovative Atlanta-based information technology staffing and consulting firm that speeds time to talent by matching great people to great business opportunities.

Hard work earns big rewards at Agile—but top performers don’t sacrifice work-life balance. Employees can opt to work from home three days a week and excel on their own schedule. Besides weekly and monthly recognition, high-achievers receive special compensation and honorary induction into Agile’s distinguished Million Dollar Club.

Backcountry supplies the best outdoor gear—through the company’s online marketplace—to adventurers around the globe. The organization helps people get outside and have fun doing it.

Backcountry knows that an active life is a healthy life. With the great outdoors just a wall away, a typical day at Backcountry has to include outside activity. From company ski trips to biking excursions, Backcountry brings the outdoors into the everyday. And inside the office, employees bring their dogs to work and are encouraged to share their passions.

GLG provides professional educational platforms that connect industry experts—changing the way the world’s business leaders learn and share information.

Are you naturally curious and looking for a job where your curiosity is rewarded? Then GLG might be the place for you. Since a love of learning is the founding function of the entire company, any applicant must share the same passion, coming up with creative solutions to client issues in order to make themselves, and the company, essential to every success.

Tough Mudder produces 90 fitness events for over 3 million participants, creating 10-mile obstacle courses designed to gauge a contestant’s strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie, and mental grit.

Whether it’s a 3 to 10 mile course, a 24 hour event, or training at a Tough Mudder Bootcamp, participants will find out what they’re really made of. Tough Mudder is engineered so that teamwork isn’t just encouraged—it’s required. And that goes for employees too. Just as participants inspire one another, employees encourage and challenge each other to work towards goals they can achieve as a team.

FabFitFun delivers happiness to their community through seasonal subscription boxes filled with the latest and greatest products in beauty, fashion, technology, fitness, food, and home.

There’s no shortage of perks at FabFitFun. In order to ensure members are given great products, staff take home sample products and even get their own FabFitFun box mailed to their door. Additionally, FabFitFun keeps their employees fit, giving them opportunities to go outside and try new workout classes in the neighborhood.

HealthTap is the world’s first global health practice providing 24/7 immediate access to a Medical Expert Network of over 100,000 top doctors via video, text, and voice.

HealthTap is committed to making the world a healthier place. As the Founder & CEO says, “It’s very important that we bring the brightest people from around the world to join us on our mission to help billions live healthier, happier, longer lives. As a leader, I see myself as a coach—I’m committed to helping HealthTap employees grow, learn, and win together.” Now that’s a culture that will align with your resolutions!

Peloton is reinventing fitness by offering live studio cycling classes and on-demand workouts through its stationary bike and accompanying app.

Peloton’s mission is to create a cutting-edge fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable and inspiring option. And the company is committed to ensuring the wellness of its employees—offering a wide range of benefits to assist with professional and personal development both inside and outside the office, such as programs for tuition reimbursement and even student loan assistance.

Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world—and the only school that explores more than 100 different dietary theories.

True to its mission, Integrative Nutrition always has healthy food options available for the team. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks—everything is organic and nutritious. The Integrative Nutrition team enjoys avocado toast and eggs for breakfast, every nut butter under the sun, and fresh organic fruit delivery once a week. On top of that, the team also benefits from an on-site chiropractor and masseuse.

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network is a rehabilitation provider, offering comprehensive inpatient, day treatment, and outpatient hospital and healthcare services to support patient recovery.

MNRN is dedicated to providing patients with the best rehabilitation, and to do that, MNRN needs the best employees. That’s why the company offers quality equipment and professional development. Besides having simulated kitchens, bedrooms, cars, curbs, and more to assist employees in helping patients overcome real life challenges, MNRN offers specialty symposiums, license certifications, mentorship programs, and yearly stipends for continuing education.

MealPal is an AI technology company changing the way lunch works by offering users a subscription app that connects consumers to speedy, affordable, tasty lunch deals at the best local restaurants.

Looking to continue the celebration after New Year’s? At MealPal, employees are invested in each other and in building the best product. And they make sure to celebrate every MealPal milestone—whether it’s launching the innovative lunch app in an exciting new city or group-texting colleagues about the scrumptious new menus of the month, MealPal keeps the morale going.

Through unique, direct lending practices, Bankers Healthcare Group provides life-changing loans straight to physicians, dentists, physical therapists, and pharmacists.

Being a healthcare-centered organization, BHG is all about keeping its employees in excellent physical and mental condition. So, the company’s offices offer full gym facilities, complete with an always-available personal trainer who conducts fitness classes throughout the day. You won’t be able to avoid getting fit at BHG!

A technology company in the global payments business, Mastercard offers businesses and people complete peace-of-mind when completing important financial transactions in locations around the world.

If taking ownership of your work is a priority this year, Mastercard might be the right company for you. At Mastercard, managers purposely search for associates who won’t require constant supervision and it’s important that employees are self-starters and motivated. However, while autonomy is promoted, leadership always remains available for support and assistance—making it a great place to spread your wings while feeling supported.

Shopkick’s mobile app rewards consumers with points for in-store purchases, helping them save money and supporting retail businesses across the country.

A positive attitude contributes a lot to overall well-being. And that’s why positivity is highly valued at Shopkick. People who work at the company are engaged, and the atmosphere is welcoming and collaborative. Everyone is invested in making the company a fun, positive, and rewarding place to work.

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