20 Companies as Cool as Apple

Have you always envied Apple’s emphasis on innovation, cool culture, and brag-worthy perks?

Well, as it turns out, you don’t need to work for the California-based tech giant in order to get all of that from your employer. In fact, these 20 companies are just as great as Apple. And, the best part? They’re all hiring right now.

So go ahead—toss your hat into the ring and prepare to make all of your friends (and maybe even Apple…) jealous of your sweet new gig.

Bleacher Report publishes digital and multimedia sports content on the web. Its website and mobile platforms provide fans with comprehensive sports news coverage and commentary.

There’s no shortage of perks in the Bleacher Report office—seriously, just check out the wall-to-wall TVs or the well-stocked sports bar. But, cool extras aside, it’s the fun and supportive atmosphere that Bleacher Report employees appreciate most. “Our team is extremely close,” says Vanessa Casal-Oñate, Associate Video Producer, “We push one another to try new things—to create new content and to initiate new projects. It’s a fun place to work.”

Rainforest is the only Continuous QA platform engineered for speed and efficiency to help companies test their websites or applications in multiple browsers on multiple devices.

Rainforest QA employees have a ton of autonomy—much of which is owed to the fact that many teams are self-managing. The result? Employees feel a major sense of pride in their work. “When you work at Rainforest, you really feel invested in the company and like the work you put in day-to-day is making a positive impact and helping the company grow,” adds Sharon Li, Business Operations.

LenderLive partners with financial companies to streamline the mortgage loan cycle, achieving strategic goals while mitigating financial risk through innovative technology and process management.

LenderLive understands the value of learning. In fact, the only thing more prominent than the company’s charitable spirit and commitment to giving is its advocacy for internal education and career development. Employees have many opportunities to participate in role-based certifications, classes, or industry trainings. Then, the company supplements external offerings with an in-house management training program and casual top-down mentorship.

true[X] delivers effective advertising for on-demand, interactive media in LA, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, and Seattle.

Admire the innovation of Apple? You’ll fit right in at true[X]. Passion, innovation, and talent are at the core of the company’s vision. The leadership and management emphasize not only sharing ideas but also challenging one another—and the establishment—to create meaningful exchanges between brands and consumers through digital advertising. With the drive of a startup, true[X] is pioneering the interactive advertising arena.

Persado takes marketing to the next level with algorithms that craft language for businesses around the world. The platform generates copy that drives consumer action without traditional copywriting.

Persado employees certainly know how to play hard, but they also work hard. Every single team member is motivated by the company’s innovative mission to enable businesses everywhere to reach their true potential. “The world Persado lives in is so exciting. No one has done this before, so we’re all learning and growing together,” shares Jeannine Crispino, Director of Customer Success.

Getty Images meets modern visual communication needs as a leading creator and distributor of award-winning still imagery, video, and multimedia products, delivered through in-house brands.

Think Getty Images is just about pretty pictures? Think again. Since the company’s inception in 1995, it’s been reshaping the photo market into a modern industry, using technology for advanced searches, image recognition, and digital media management. “Getty Images’ direction is incredible. We’re transitioning from business-to-business to business-to-everybody—really getting our content to everyone,” adds Lexie Miller, Software Engineer.

CBS Interactive operates as the digital arm of the greater CBS Corporation by using advanced media products to run an online content network that dives into subjects people care about most.

At CBS Interactive, teams are small and nimble, which allows employees to get things done without hitting bureaucratic roadblocks. The speed of execution, paired with approachable managers who absorb ideas, gives the office a startup-like pace. “Robust and bustling are the only ways to describe the culture. It’s a vibrant place with so many industries to choose from—all right at the point of real innovation,” shares Owen Stretch, Senior Editor, MetroLyrics.

Fluxx drives philanthropic change by connecting grant-seekers and grant-makers through cloud-based technology. The company is committed to transforming the process through innovative software.

Fluxx’s culture codes line the office walls. One key component of this is collaboration—employees are always encouraged to work across teams. Twice a year, remote Fluxx staff are flown in, to meet during the company’s conference with clients and to meet during the holiday season. Staff members also participate in a Fluxx hackathon to suggest new product ideas.

A market leader in business process management and case management software, Appian delivers an enterprise application platform that unites users with their data, processes, and collaborations.

If you admire the fact that companies like Apple always have one eye toward the future, Appian is really no different. The company is always searching for new ways to push the envelope. “We are constantly looking at where technology is evolving and seeing what markets we can enter and what our software can do to transform the way people do their work,” says Peter Vaccarella, Director of Sales Engineering.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Think a well-established finance company won’t be able to have the same vibe as a tech giant like Apple? Think again. Goldman Sachs employees paint an alternative perspective of working on Wall Street—a collaborative environment where people have fun at work and after hours. Certain teams throw birthday and holiday parties to celebrate personal milestones, take rock climbing classes together, and socialize over karaoke at the local bars.

Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the global intelligence, technology, and human expertise they need to find trusted information in areas from finance and law to government and media.

If it’s amenities you’re after, Thomson Reuters is the place for you. In addition to a fun culture, employee resource groups, and an emphasis on community service, Thomson Reuters boasts some pretty awesome perks. There’s a yoga studio with instructor-led classes offered daily, a game room, an on-site health clinic, bank, and bike rental. And, when hunger hits, there are two large cafeterias with guest vendors every day.

Medallia is a cloud-based customer experience software platform—enabling companies to capture customer feedback and understand it in real-time.

What do you need to be successful at Medallia? A growth mindset—the belief that you can dramatically develop your talents. Medallia team members learn from their mistakes, adapt, and practice in order to become successful. The company believes that anyone can buckle down and maximize their own talents, and it invests in employees to help them realize their potential.

Yelp is a free website and mobile app that helps people find and review great local businesses, services, and places—and connect with other Yelpers around the world.

When it comes to caring about employees, Yelp doesn’t just talk the talk. From the awesome kitchens to the transparent and supportive culture—to the benefits, a gym subsidy, and amazing health insurance—the company invests in its employees as people, not just workers. Additionally, constant constructive feedback, goal-focused one-on-ones, team meetings, and thank you shout-outs reinforce each employee’s achievements and unique strengths.

VIZIO raises the bar in consumer electronics by bringing the best technology, at affordable prices, to people around the world who value great experiences and innovative entertainment.

Vizio prides itself on having an open, collaborative, and entrepreneurial culture. While the company is known for their innovative technology, what they really care about are their employees. They encourage employees to bring unique ideas to the table and work cross-functionally to create the best solutions for their consumers. But bonding with co-workers is also a high-priority. Vizio holds happy hours, launch parties, and annual company events to get people together and having fun.

Civis Analytics runs smarter analytics by leveraging data through a platform and scientific tools that help businesses make informed, factually accurate decisions based on human behaviors.

Disrupting an industry is no walk in the park, but Civis Analytics has found success with a hands-off management style that encourages employees to own their work. Because of that autonomy, the culture is driven by the desire to learn. Civis Analytics hosts hack nights, study groups for peer-led learning, and lunch and learns to keep up with their employees’ hunger for knowledge.

Hearst Digital Media boasts a powerful web portfolio that serves as a companion for publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Popular Mechanics, with combined readership of over 120 million.

Food and fun are two words that could describe the culture at Hearst Digital Media. Their cafeteria has surprise visits from celebrity chefs, and team outings are a regular occurrence. Whether it’s a boat tour around Manhattan or the Hearst Tower Climb where people climb all 44 floors of the Hearst Tower for charity, there is no shortage of fun outings and events for employees to enjoy.

Transunion offers clients around the world complete credit protection, from credit alerts and reports to credit scores and more, all accessible from one easy-to-use platform.

TransUnion’s culture has an emphasis on learning. New employees are paired with a mentor to help them navigate the company and their new positions. Plus, departments have a conference and training budget to use, employees are able to apply for funds to take courses or return to school, and each year employees receive a learning stipend to work towards certifications and use on other approved platforms. The bottom line? They believe in furthering the careers of their employees through knowledge.

Odyssey Information Services provides companies with premier consultants in the areas of technology, management, finance, and logistics.

At Odyssey Information Services, your success is in your hands. “The management style at Odyssey is very relaxed. We work in an environment where everyone is set up to be as successful as they want to be. Our managers are very hands-off, but they are there to help you be as successful as possible,” says Courtney Amigh, Sr. Business Development Manager. So being a go-getter can pay off. Odyssey Information Services has a flexible environment and will work with your to create a role that highlights your strengths and skillset.

Philips Lighting is the global leader in lighting products, systems and services, transforming how lighting is used to enhance the human experience in the places where people live and work.

And with Philips Lighting’s focus on innovation, comes an open and collaborative culture. The people you work with are more than just your co-workers, everyone really cares about each other. “We always organize after-work events, like going out for dinner and drinks—or even cinema nights. Even though most of my colleagues have families and other responsibilities, they always make time to join these events. That’s great, because your team is like your second family,” says Nick Ilieskou, Software Engineer at Philips Lighting.

Shutterstock is an online library of 100 million royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos and music—all purchasable for creative use.

Shutterstock takes having fun at work very seriously. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of their office game room, regular happy hours, and twice-a-week yoga sessions. Or, if employees want a little R&R, the company also offers in-office massages. And the holidays are a great time to be a Shutterstock employee, past holiday events include an ugly sweater party and an ice skating excursion. So, there is no shortage of fun activities to take part in.

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