20 Companies as Great as Google

Sure, there’s plenty to love about working for a tech giant like Google. With the notoriously awesome culture, the brag-worthy perks, and the sweet office space, it’s no wonder that the company is consistently ranked as a great place to work.

But, we’ve got good news for you: Google isn’t the only place where you can hit the employer jackpot. There are plenty of other companies that are equally as dreamy—like the 20 we’ve pulled together here.

Are you ready for even more good news? Every single one of these amazing companies is hiring right now. So, toss your hat into the ring and get ready to say, “Google, who?”

CEB is a best practice insight and technology company—advising organizations around the world on how best to drive business performance.

Community mindedness is a core part of the Google culture, and the same holds true at CEB. Every year, the company closes its offices on Global Impact Day to encourage employees to give back and be a part of something larger. The work the team accomplishes varies and uses both personal and professional resources—from community work like painting children’s playgrounds to pro-bono consulting with non-profit organizations.

Radius is a data science IT company, helping marketers reach customers in more meaningful ways with real-time predictive data analytics, powerful segmentation, and seamless integrations.

Radius believes that happy people produce great work and learning develops tremendous talent. Its collaborative open floor space, whiteboard walls and desks, unlimited free food, and office bar let employees create in comfort. The company also places a large amount of emphasis on work-life balance. “I like to go surfing and backpacking, and I always feel refreshed and ready to roll when I get back to work,” explains Danny Leung, Manager, Corporate Customer Success.

HED advances the world by solving creative architectural design challenges and bringing innovative structures to life for customers in a range of industries all around the globe.

“Don’t be afraid to come in and get your hands dirty right away. Your ideas always have a place,” shares Tracy Sweeney, Architecture and Design. To maintain this culture of idea-sharing, HED’s hierarchy remains flat—with leaders sprinkled around the open office for guidance. The team’s vision is defined by four guiding principles, but tossing new ideas into the mix is encouraged, and personal wins are widely celebrated. Aside from daily oversight, decision-makers also enable employees to achieve professional goals.

LegalZoom enables businesses and families to protect what matters most. With helpful tools and convenient access to attorneys, LegalZoom has helped close to 4 million people manage their legal needs.

Admire the undeniable innovation of Google? You’ll find that very same thing at LegalZoom. Driven by the belief that access to legal help is a fundamental right, LegalZoom remains the principal innovative force in the legal industry. The company empowers its employees to seek novel solutions that challenge the industry’s status quo and further the company mission. With a stellar combination of people and technology, it fosters a fun and vibrant work environment where employees have the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.

CafePress delivers more than the world’s best e-commerce gifts and goods—it gives customers an outlet to express themselves through crowdsourced merchandise designs and customizable products.

Life at CafePress is all about quirkiness, and the employee roster includes a slew of different personalities and backgrounds. The on-site cafe and regular activities mean there’s always a group of cheerful people nearby. Fridays are for poking fun at corporate life—everyone breaks out ties for the day. Fresh-baked cookies are also custom, along with making pizza rounds to sample the city’s best.

Digital Trends aims to demystify technology and make the digital world less intimidating. The company seeks to publish content that everyone can enjoy and understand.

As a company, Digital Trends takes a lot of pride in its warm, welcoming, and fast-paced culture. Because new technologies are always being developed, Digital Trends is an exciting place to work. A “work hard, play hard” ethos dominates, and employees appreciate their freedom and autonomy. “Everybody is very supportive of each other. We really encourage everyone to contribute ideas and act upon them. It’s a unique culture we have here,” says the company’s CEO and Co-founder.

With a range of policy options, GEICO provides affordable insurance for millions of customers across the United States.

Don’t think you can count GEICO as being similar to Google? Think again. The company is more than insurance, it’s truly a tech company at heart. GEICO’s IT Organization is rapidly expanding to keep up with its growth in the digital space. As more and more customers interact with GEICO’s hi-tech digital properties—like automated phone attendants, mobile apps, and web pages—the company’s cutting-edge technologies continue to provide its customers exceedingly superior insurance services.

Availity delivers technology-based business solutions for health care professionals who want to build healthy, thriving organizations by working with patients and partners all around the country.

Just look at any one of Availity’s offices, and you’ll quickly see that collaboration is a core piece of what the team is all about. The company’s office spaces around the country were created with agility in mind, housing many team project rooms—places where any group can work together. Availity believes this type of environment breeds collaboration because people can easily bounce innovative ideas off one another.

Simplee is a SaaS FinTech company that helps both hospitals and patients by taking the pain out of healthcare payments—providing simple, flexible, and stress-free options for patients.

There’s no shortage of perks as a Simplee employee. Team members enjoy unlimited, trust-based PTO as well as plenty of in-office extras. In the Tel Aviv office, there’s a Monday morning yoga class and an individualized grocery list—which means every single employee gets to order his or her favorite snacks. In Palo Alto, you’ll find a fully stocked kitchen, catered lunches, and fun trips to the theme park boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

DMC Atlanta specializes in direct sales and marketing acquisitions for top cable and satellite, retail, and telecommunications companies across the country, focusing on a relationship-based approach.

DMC prides itself on being a fun place to work. But, another point of pride? The support and encouragement provided to employees who want to grow in their careers. With managers who work right alongside the team, DMC is big on professional and personal advancement. “I think the thing that excites me the most is the thought of growing the office and getting some of our current account managers promoted into ownership positions,” says Marissa Shaw, Recruiting Manager.

Rocketmiles promotes the idea of “vacation faster” by incentivizing hotel bookings with airline mile rewards. The average Rocketmiles user earns 7,000 miles per hotel reservation.

Love travel? Well, you’re sure to enjoy life at Rocketmiles. The company intentionally hires people with a case of wanderlust. Being a travel rewards company, the organization gives employees travel credit. Rocketmiles also offers incredible flexibility in the day-to-day. Working remotely is always an option for those who are traveling to new places or have long commutes and need to stay home with their children several days a week.

Founded in 1990, Genesys is the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform trusted by over 4,700 customers in 120 countries. Genesys believes great customer engagement drives great business outcomes.

From tons of room for growth and advancement to a trusting management style, it’s hard for employees to choose just one thing they love most about working for Genesys. But, for many team members, flexibility tops the list. Working parents especially appreciate the opportunity to work from home or take a break in the middle of the day to run an errand. This flexibility means employees can create a schedule that works for them.

Collective Health provides a complete health benefits solution so companies can more intelligently design, administer, and operate their benefits while giving a premium experience to staff.

Collective Health provides a complete health benefits solution so companies can more intelligently design, administer, and operate their benefits while giving a premium experience to staff.

They have a “mighty mission” to change how healthcare works by applying technology and design to how people pay for care. It may sound like a bold goal, but with a highly collaborative work environment, they’re making it possible. Plus, employees at Collective Health feel the camaraderie, every week is starting with an all hands meeting and ended with a company-wide barbecue.

CSI globalVcard creates completely customizable financial software suites that allow clients all around the world to reduce costs and increase profitability in all areas of corporate purchasing.

With a nimble culture and a focus on innovation, CSI globalVCard employees also feel challenged and encouraged to push the envelope. But, their work isn’t the only thing that’s progressive—the office environment is too, as evidence by the in-office nursery where new mothers and fathers can drop their children during the workday.

Washington REIT is an owner and operator of office, retail, and multifamily assets in Washington, DC, targeting for value creation through leasing, repositioning, expansion, and development.

Washington REIT’s President and CEO has said that the company’s best assets walk out of the office every night to go home. Indeed, Washington REIT cares about its people—including providing continuous feedback to help them improve. “We’ve gotten rid of the old school performance reviews, and now we give ongoing feedback,” says Tabitha Brittain, Vice President of Property Management, “Our focus for everyone is to strive for success, and the only way to do that is to get feedback throughout the year.”

CA Technologies uses software to give customers a competitive advantage, increasing productivity through differentiated user experiences to help customers achieve new growth opportunities.

“CA does an incredibly good job of bringing in people who are new to the industry and nurturing them,” explains Otto Berkes, CTO. The company does this through formal and informal opportunities for development, including a mentorship program for recent college recruits and a leadership program for more seasoned employees. Rotational programs offer employees the chance to try out roles in different departments.

Triose is a nationwide logistics management firm that specializes in delivering smart, full-service inbound and outbound freight management solutions to clients in the healthcare industry.

If you’re craving a greater sense of autonomy in your job, you’ll feel right at home at Triose. “One of the things that I really love about Triose is that the company has a lot of confidence in its employees,” shares Matt Doran, Regional Account Executive. Although managers are always available for brainstorming sessions, resource requests, and overall support, employees are trusted to complete assignments without having to run things by anyone beforehand.

33Across is the first publisher traffic and monetization platform to guarantee the quality of its ads, offering advertisers 100% viewability and placements with a pre-bid fraud filter time and again.

You’ll find a great spirit of innovation at the 33Across office. Staff members look forward all year long to their annual company-wide hackathon. For three days, everything is put on hold so that employees can focus solely on the hackathon. The best projects are awarded prizes, but what’s even more rewarding is that some employees will even see their work come to life.

Sestra’s wine-on-tap system allows people to dispense the perfect glass of chilled, high-quality wine and provides insights to help customers make data-backed inventory decisions.

If you look up “cross-functional workplace” in the dictionary, you’ll find Sestra, which operates in an “all hands on deck” manner. The daily company-wide stand-up meeting reflects Sestra’s commitment to inclusivity and holds everyone, from the CEO to the interns, accountable for contributing to the team. In the spirit of teamwork, all are encouraged to voice their ideas, comments, and suggestions.

Red Frog Events is pioneering the experiential entertainment industry, putting on events—from music festivals to obstacle races and beer tastings—in new and unique ways.

If you’re not somebody who can stand to stay chained to your desk all day, the Red Frog Events office is just what you’re looking for. The company encourages employees to get together as much as possible throughout the day. An open floor plan allows for a free exchange of ideas, and the ping-pong tables, foosball games, bike room, and gym offer places to take a break and blow off a bit of steam when the workload gets intense.

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