20 Companies For People Who Love Numbers

Are you a master of math? A champion of your calculator? An expert of equations? Dexterous with digits?

If you’re nodding along right now, good for you! In today’s data-obsessed society, there are no shortage of employers who are looking for number whizzes.

Need proof? From accountants to analysts, these 19 awesome companies are currently on the lookout for math aficionados just like you. So, dust off that resume of yours and take a peek at their open roles.

You + a brand new gig = the perfect start to the new year. Isn’t that the easiest equation you’ve ever solved?

American Financing specializes in providing residential mortgages for purchases and home refinancing, committed to customer service, innovative products, and ethical business practices.

Not only does American Financing place a high priority on a welcoming, enjoyable office environment, it also offers considerable opportunities for professional development and advancement. With a dedicated Training Department and a staff culture of helping one another out, this isn’t just a fun place to work—it’s also a place where people can grow their careers.

Altpoint Labs provides venture capital partnerships to high potential entrepreneurs.

Employees at Altpoint Labs all agree that the best benefit of working with the organization is the unique opportunity to develop diverse skill sets from each individual collaboration. Since the company works with entrepreneurs across all industries, Altpoint professionals end up wearing every hat possible and gaining experience and expertise that might otherwise take a lifetime to learn.

Billtrust is the leader in payment cycle management services. The company provides a one-stop solution for its clients to receive invoice payments from customers as quickly as possible.

The atmosphere at Billtrust is fast-paced and challenging. Billtrust lives by the saying, “There are no sacred cows,” so the company’s goal is progression, not perfection. This is why Billtrust values its employees’ ideas—and empowers them to think outside the box. Billtrust also has a Training Department dedicated to providing resources for employee success.

Pep manages timelines, budgets, and vendor coordination for promotional marketing projects so clients can focus on performance to ultimately produce profitable results.

When Pep brings on a new hire, it provides a roadmap to success straight from the start. Mutual responsibilities and expectations are laid out right away, eliminating any question of accountability and allowing employees to create a career path in the way that works best for them—without anyone peeking over their shoulders.

Cleveland Research Company is an independent equity research firm, offering clients in-depth market research and clear insights to help them make more informed business decisions.

If you think a job with numbers involves being isolated in a cubicle, think again. At Cleveland Research Company, employees collaborate with client companies and people across the marketplace, engaging with every department on a daily basis. This unique team atmosphere, combined with high-energy, playfully competitive, and youthful co-workers, allows for a different type of dynamic to develop—that isn’t easily found anywhere else.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is one of 12 reserve banks created by Congress to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.

At the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, numbers aren’t the same-old, same-old—the culture is focused on innovation and inclusion. From the top level of management down, there is a push for rethinking the old, outdated methods in favor of new, updated processes that benefit the organization and its employees. The reward is seeing how the Federal Reserve Bank is learning to do things differently—and better.

Guggenheim Partners is a leading financial services provider—with an international reputation for excellence.

Across its three primary businesses of investment management, investment banking, and insurance services, Guggenheim has a proven track record of delivering results through innovative solutions. How the company does it? A driven, intelligent, and well-trained staff. In fact, Guggenheim has a 90-day training program for all new hires.

Optima Tax Relief is a full-service resolution firm whose experienced professionals assist individuals and small businesses with IRS and state tax compliance.

Optima Tax Relief isn’t just a great place to work for people who love numbers—it’s a great place to work for anybody and everybody (just check out the company’s numerous “Best Places to Work” awards!). Much of that is owed to the supportive management style, which emphasizes respect and recognition.

Broadridge is the leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions—helping broker-dealers, banks, mutual funds, and corporate issuers manage risk and accelerate growth.

If there’s one thing the financial industry is not, it’s stagnant. Fortunately, everybody at Broadridge is inspired by the challenge to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. “We operate in an industry that’s really feeling technology and innovation more than some others—which means the challenges and opportunities are both ample,” says Vijay Mayadas, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Head of U.S. Fixed Income.

GrubHub quells hunger in urban areas across the United States, providing local menus, online ordering, and fast food delivery services.

While several personal qualities can drive career success, at GrubHub, intellectual curiosity is key. GrubHub searches for applicants who can seek out and solve difficult problems—and it particularly encourages its new hires to look for analytical, data-driven processes for product innovation. Better still? GrubHub truly appreciates adventurous employees who will go the distance to explore new ideas—provided they always learn from their undertakings.

Brown Smith Wallace provides clients with audit, accounting, tax, and business consulting services—always with a proven commitment to exceptional service and client satisfaction.

Brown Smith Wallace serves clients large and small from a spectrum of industries. That means employees can grow their skills by experiencing a little bit of everything. There are many opportunities for launching and developing a career. The firm is also committed to encouraging a healthy work-life balance—even in the middle of tax season.

Credit Karma is a free financial service company, empowering consumers to track, maintain, and improve credit health with expert advice and free tools.

At Credit Karma, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to leverage your number skills to create impactful projects and make a real difference in people’s lives. That’s because—while Credit Karma is no longer a startup—it still has the energy of a company that’s just getting started. Teams are always working on new products and tools to help its members take charge of their finances.

Financial Engines provides personal comprehensive financial planning and professional investment management with online services and dedicated advisors, helping more people meet their financial goals.

Employees at Financial Engines all love numbers. But, what do they love even more than digits and spreadsheets? Knowing their work is making a real, measurable difference. “Helping ordinary people along a path to financial freedom resonates through everything that we do,” shares Karen White, VP, Consumer Products.

LendKey is a financial technology company that partners with banks and credit unions to offer loan products to consumers seamlessly and securely.

As a forward-thinking company, LendKey is always looking to find ways to utilize cutting-edge technology to accomplish its goals. Whether it’s through analyzing data in order to understand customers or finding groundbreaking ways to streamline the online lending process, LendKey embraces innovation, actively supporting its employees in on-the-job education.

Wealthfront is a world-leading automated investment advisory service, offering exceptional and affordable finance management.

How’s this for impressive numbers? Wealthfront has the fastest growing source of data on how people make real-world investing decisions. Investors don’t always act rationally, and analyzing the data Wealthfront gathers allows them to better assist their clients when they’re making choices with their money.

CommonBond builds better student loans as a step to shaping the future of personal finance. Lower lending rates, caring customer service, and a focus on community sets the company apart.

Aside from great benefits (ahem, have we mentioned the weekly catered lunch-and-learns, free snacks, internal interest clubs, happy hours, and birthday and holiday celebrations?), CommonBond employees also get a perk fit for the industry: monthly payments toward their student debt. It’s CommonBond’s way of helping employees—just like members—get out of student debt and on the path to financial wellness, faster.

Financial Finesse is a U.S.-based financial education services advocate, helping employees in companies across the country achieve security with award-winning workplace financial wellness programs.

Helping employees across the country reduce financial stress, maximize benefits, and make wiser financial decisions is a rewarding job—and, managers want their direct reports to feel the impact they’re making. For that reason, Financial Finesse’s direct management style provides plenty of autonomy and candid communication, which empowers team members to lead projects and transform their own ideas into actual results.

Maritz partners with the world’s leading scientists, thought leaders, and industry experts to uncover intricacies of human behavior, helping businesses build meaningful connections.

Maritz is an employer that will encourage your passion for numbers. Employees are empowered to take ownership over their individual careers. If a person has an idea, they are encouraged to present it to leadership and are often given permission to own that effort. Needless to say, professional development is a key part of an employee’s career at Maritz.

DK Partners is one of the longest-serving local CPA firms in Austin, providing professional services in tax compliance, audit, and accounting solutions.

DK Partners recognizes that its people are its greatest asset, so the company offers CPE credit to help staff grow professionally. Employees are able to decide what they want to focus on and can take whichever courses they choose, and as an incentive to obtain their CPA, team members receive a bonus if they obtain their license within their first three years at the company.

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