27 Companies That Will Grow Your Tech Career

If you work in tech, you’re always on the lookout for an employer that will inspire you to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible. You’re eager to land with a company that believes in leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve problems and make an impact.

And, while you’re at it, you’d like that employer to also push you to keep your own skills sharp and reach your maximum potential.

Fortunately, that description perfectly fits each of the 27 companies that are on this list. So, if you’re searching for somewhere that you can be on the forefront of the next big thing while also making big strides in your own career, go ahead and take a peek at their sweet offices and their open positions.

Procore Technologies makes construction management software that enables a variety of clients to increase efficiency, streamline communication, and minimize delays—which ultimately boosts profits.

At Procore, employees are encouraged to try out new ideas, which is part of the reason Procore has such a significant influence within the field of construction management. To encourage continued innovation and growth, the company actively provides its team with opportunities for ongoing learning through classes and programs, as well as pathways for career advancement.

StellaService evaluates online retailers to measure customer service effectiveness and guides companies to build better interactions.

StellaService is an agile and lean environment where products are shipped at the speed of light—and all employees play an integral part in developing the StellaService platform, regardless of their background and expertise. StellaService combines the energy and frenetic pace of a startup with the financial backing of an established company—making it a place where employees can truly reach their full potential.

Pluralsight democratizes professional learning by making specialized education available to everyone.

At Pluralsight, team members are given autonomy in their work and the tools they need to be successful—which is not only empowering, but impactful too. The team isn’t limited by what’s traditional, and everyone is given the freedom and support to handle projects in their own way. For example, developers are given the opportunity to sit with users and gather feedback—and can give their input early on in the process as to what features should be implemented.

Scribd is an online media company, building the world’s best way to read with an extensive library of ebooks and subscription services for readers around the world.

Elevating each other and achieving company success is Scribd’s core mantra, and for its cross-functional Technology Teams, there’s no traditional structure of bosses and employees, only a combined effort. Using an Agile-based approach, management keeps every goal aligned and realistic by providing encouragement, mentorship, and exceptional tools to get the job done.

Improving delivers custom software development consulting and training as a complete IT services firm—so companies around the world can realize their own tactical business objectives.

Improving aims to make more than technology better, starting with its employees. Across all branches, the idea of investing in team members shapes everything from daily workflows to benefits. One example is ImprovingU, the internal university that offers courses on everything from financial advisement to wine tasting to public speaking. Beyond the classroom, Improvers also excel under a philosophy that promotes ownership, no matter a person’s career level.

Esri is the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software development and believes The Science of Where can transform society by unlocking data’s full potential in every organization.

At Esri, employees appreciate the work-life balance and excellent benefits, but the culture of development definitely tops the charts. Luckily, an on-site auditorium hosts a slew of regular industry speakers and employees can take advantage of classes and workshops during their career to help them pick up and refine all sorts of new skills.

Illumio works with companies the world over to deliver adaptive security software for every computing environment—protecting 80% of data center and cloud traffic threats missed by perimeter programs.

Illumio was founded to solve a real issue in the data industry, and employees love the all-around impact they have on the overall product and business—each person’s work directly affects the outcome of the finalized product and success of the business. Additionally, every individual has the opportunity to work cross-departmentally to learn new aspects of the product and business.

F5 Networks specializes in application delivery networking solutions, empowering customers to operate applications and networks with reliability in speed, security, and availability of service.

In the ever-changing security landscape, it takes constant focus to remain ahead of the curve, and F5 is devoted to providing education to develop its employees and their talents. With all the resources of a large company combined with the agile mindset of a startup, F5 has remained a steady market leader in a notoriously unsteady market.

Weight Watchers takes pride in improving people’s lives through completely customized wellness programs—paired with endless advice and unwavering, always-available support.

Weight Watchers is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to helping people improve their overall health and lifestyles. But, that doesn’t mean the company is content to stick with the same-old, same-old. “This company is extremely serious about modernizing all of its technologies,” shares Weight Watchers’ Chief Technology Officer.

Pure Storage offers enterprise, all-flash storage solutions that provide the power, reliability, and simplicity businesses need to tackle the most demanding industry and IT problems.

While cutting-edge technology is a norm in the Pure Storage office, managers don’t feel the need to oversee every little thing that employees are doing with it. The company believes in trial-and-error education. Managers offer support, answer questions, and foster collaborations, then allow teams to sort it all out on their own. Pure Storage knows that’s a great way to learn and improve.

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, is the largest customer-owned health insurer in the US, operating in five states.

“There’s so much technology-enabled innovation happening in health care—the possibilities are truly unlimited, and we’re building a high-impact team to help bring value to our members,” says the company’s SVP and CIO. Using a scaled agile model, HCSC empowers dynamic, high-impact IT teams with the best technical tools, enabling top-level collaborations with business partners in an exciting industry full of possibilities.

Black Mountain is an information technology company, changing the way the financial industry manages workflow and data software.

In order to change the way that the financial industry manages things like workflow, data, and analysis, Black Mountain knows that it needs a talented, driven, and innovative team. Fortunately, the company has just that—and provides plenty of trust and autonomy for employees to do their work and tackle projects in the way they deem best.

Parrot Analytics is a data science company that empowers media and entertainment companies, brands, and agencies to understand global audience demand for television content.

From team retreats and a culture day to supportive leadership and flexible schedules, there’s a lot to love about working for Parrot Analytics. But, the thing that usually tops the list? The opportunity to make a real impact. “We get to shape an entire industry and how decision-making gets done throughout the television value chain—from content production all the way through content distribution and acquisition,” says Wared Seger, CEO.

The Vanguard Group is one of the world’s largest investment companies, advising clients and the general public on savings, investment, retirement, personal finance, the economy, and much more.

There’s no such thing as micromanagement at Vanguard—instead, managers foster a culture that empowers employees to grow their careers in ways that they’re passionate about. Managers ensure the team is surrounded by supportive people, plenty of opportunities, and cutting-edge technology, enabling employees to take charge of their professional growth and become the managers of tomorrow.

World 50 hosts in-person and online conversations in a community made for executives from globally renowned organizations., fostering a collaborative environment to solve problems and share ideas.

World 50’s investment in learning for leaders in other industries extends to its own workplace. The company conducts an annual internal summit where associates and special guests exchange ideas. World 50 believes that the more employees know about what’s happening in the world, the better they can serve their members.

Planar, a Leyard company, is a global leader in display and digital signage technology, providing premier solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.

Leyard and Planar is committed to constant technological innovation, and so it follows that the company is supportive when employees seek to improve their knowledge and skill sets. Whether attending off-site training or in-office webinars, employees enjoy the flexible scheduling and ongoing encouragement that enables them to pursue their professional development.

SMARTASSISTANT aims to simplify the consumer experience of choosing a product. It is a digital advice platform that businesses can leverage to better match products with the needs of consumers.

As an international technology company on the forefront of something big, SMARTASSISTANT is poised for tremendous growth and an opportunity to help even more consumers and businesses find the products they need. “I’m excited to see how SMARTASSISTANT grows into the future. Guided selling is becoming the norm within e-commerce and we are the leading technology platform in the game,” says Ted Williams, E-commerce Project Manager.

Volusion offers budding and established businesses an all-in-one e-commerce solution with 24/7 support that proactively helps entrepreneurs build and manage successful online stores.

At Volusion, folks won’t find managers laying down the law on how to complete projects. Leadership at the company believes the best ways to foster quality employee performance is to hire top talent, give them the room, technology, and resources they need to get creative and grow, and make sure they have fun while they’re working on it all.

T-Mobile is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 293 million Americans where they live, work, and play.

Offering the latest in wireless gadgets and accessories, keeping up with the ever-changing pace of technology is something that keeps T-Mobile employees excited to head into the office each day. “We’re just picking up speed every day. Things are so dynamic, changing day to day,” says a T-Mobile Radio Frequency Engineer.

Talkable powers refer a friend programs for top online retailers. Refer a friend allows brands to leverage their existing customers in order to get new ones.

Changing the name of the game when it comes to referrals requires a lot of transparency—which is something Talkable places emphasis on. The company informs employees about all areas of the business in order to keep everyone in the know and working toward the same goal. The organization finds this system is the best way for teams to collaborate without hierarchy and share ideas that propel the company forward into the future.

AppNexus powers the advertising that keeps the internet running—providing an innovative platform to help companies efficiently reach their audiences.

AppNexians are passionate about, and thrive in, a culture of learning and teaching. The company’s employees constantly challenge themselves to improve, and they love to share knowledge to help empower those around them. AppNexus boasts a transparent and agile environment that encourages people to exercise bold and creative thinking as they work to solve complex problems.

CSI globalVcard creates completely customizable financial software suites that allow clients all around the world to reduce costs and increase profitability in all areas of corporate purchasing.

If you really want to take your skills to the next level, this company will encourage you to do exactly that. From the top down, CSI globalVCard team leadership is all about enabling its employees to excel in their careers. The company encourages everyone to step up and take ownership over their projects and speak out about any visions or goals they have for the company’s—and their own— long-term success.

Radius is a data science company, helping marketers reach customers in more meaningful ways with real-time predictive data analytics, powerful segmentation, and seamless integrations.

Bridging the gap across data, customer insights, and execution can be challenging (yet rewarding) work. Fortunately, Radius employees know that they can lean on the incredible bonds they share with their colleagues—as well as plenty of opportunities to blow off steam together, including Whiskey Fridays, mixology classes, skating, karaoke, and volunteer work.

When I Work is a software company—creating apps that efficiently transform workplace management systems.

Transforming the way that companies schedule, track time, and communicate with employees, When I Work takes a lot of pride in its own work and technological advancements. Need proof? The office centerpiece is the ‘Time Clock Wall,’ filled with old school time clocks and in the center, a brand new one that uses the When I Work software.

Lithium is changing customer service with a platform that helps brands create social communities that connect passionate customers to each other.

Lithium’s company values aren’t just written up on a poster and hung in a room somewhere—they’re taken to heart by every member of the team. Discussed daily, the values are to take customer success personally, build products Lithium’s proud of, play with excellence for the team, learn fast—but act faster, and be real. It’s those high standards that push the company and the employees to succeed.

SiteLock aims to guard every website on the internet with 360-degree monitoring that detects and helps prevent threats as the world’s only complete, cloud-based business website protector.

As an incredibly fast-growing software company, SiteLock employees are empowered by the fact that their work makes a real difference—and they’re also inspired by the various challenges that come along with that. “As the pace of technology accelerates, so does the threat of cyberattacks. Our growth is in response to the increasing demand for website security,” explains Neill Feather, President.

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