27 Companies Who Believe in Giving Back

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the time of year to feel especially grateful. But, with Giving Tuesday occurring right after you’re done feasting, it’s also a time to think of ways you can spread those good vibes and give back to others.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an employer who saw the value in being generous and community-minded? If you worked somewhere that encouraged you to see the bigger picture, volunteer, and serve others?

Fortunately, those employers exist—and, we’ve rounded up 27 of them right here on this list. The best part? They’re all hiring right now.

Empowering people to experience the world is the Booking.com mission. It’s why they tell their customers, “Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, you can book it with us.”

Booking.com has tons of different ways of giving back. For example, there’s Booking Cares—a social responsibility program focused on sustainable tourism and caring for the destinations the company brings people to. The company also has an Internal Community Fund where employees can donate to destinations with natural disasters or important causes. Need more convincing? Employees get eight hours per year to take part in a project of their choice.

As the definitive voice of the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle is on a mission to tell the story of the city by reporting on issues that have region-wide impact.

Raising awareness about important issues in the community is something that fills many of the employees at the Chronicle with pride. The newspaper recently spearheaded the San Francisco Homeless Project, which has brought together more than 80 media outlets across the city to cover stories on the causes of and solutions for homelessness.

CSAA Insurance Group is one of the top 20 personal property and casualty insurance groups in the United States, offering protection to nearly 17 million AAA members.

Giving back is an important part of the CSAA Insurance Group culture. Employees have 24 hours of paid time to volunteer and 98% of employees take advantage of the perk. In fact, the company has had the highest employee volunteer participation rate in America for a company of 3,000 or more employees for three years running. The organization supports the community through matching funds, as well as a variety of volunteer activities. Over 500 volunteer events are planned a year, including trail clean-up at national parks, partnerships with local food banks, providing support to shelters, and many more.

Asurion helps people balance life and its interdependence on technology by insuring consumer devices and appliances and offering a plethora of technology solutions to keep them running.

There are so many ways that Asurion gives back, it’s nearly impossible to list them all. Employees volunteer for a variety of initiatives year round, but especially during the company’s Volunteer Week. Last year, 200 employees participated and donated 226 hours to six local non-profits. Asurion also has the Compassion Forward Employee Fund, which enables employees to help each other when life gets complicated.

More than just a typical gym, Equinox is a high-end luxury fitness club that has redefined what it means to live a high-performance, well-rounded lifestyle.

Philanthropy is an element that’s tightly woven into the Equinox culture. For example, Equinox is a founding partner of the Cycle for Survival event, which raises money to benefit cutting-edge cancer research. Equinox is also a founding partner of The Heroes Project, which empowers injured war veterans through physical and emotional training. As part of the project, Equinox trained Marine Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville—who became the first combat-wounded veteran to ever reach the top of Everest.

CarMax makes the process of buying and researching quality used cars simple, enjoyable, and stress-free—with a focus on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to giving back, CarMax definitely walks the walk. The company established the CarMax Foundation, which seeks to improve the communities in which CarMax associates live and work. Through the foundation, employees can make team-building events more impactful by making a difference. Additionally, CarMax will match the dollars that employees contribute to eligible nonprofits.

A technology company in the global payments business, Mastercard offers businesses and people complete peace-of-mind when completing important financial transactions in locations around the world.

“Mastercard is constantly striving—in a very true way—to really improve the world,” explains Steve Podgorski, Engineer, Software Engineering. The company works with underserved populations around the world in order to help improve financial security and modernize the way people handle their money. Additionally, Mastercard employees get five calendar days off each year in order to volunteer and make a difference.

HomeAway is a leading vacation rental marketplace, with vacation homes in over 190 countries around the world.

With offices around the world, Homeaway takes giving back to their local communities seriously. Through a corporate giving program, they turn to their employees to identify what organizations to give monetary donations too. Plus, Homeaway chooses one major corporate philanthropy partner to support each year, like Habitat for Humanity. Employees also get two days off per year to volunteer for a personal cause or a Homeaway-sponsored one.

Getty Images meets modern visual communication needs as a leading creator and distributor of award-winning still imagery, video, and multimedia products, delivered through in-house brands.

When it comes to employee benefits, Getty Images matches charitable donations and gives employees an extra day off to volunteer each year. But, on a larger scale, Getty works with policy makers and industry groups to uphold creatives’ rights and safeguard intellectual property—from defending the display of hi-res images within search engine results to advocating for copyright reform and ensuring that content is respected online.

SmartBear Software creates quality tools that assist over 6 million software professionals in delivering the world’s best applications.

As a company, SmartBear is transforming an industry. But, the company’s employees? They’re transforming the world. Team members are constantly encouraged to seek out initiatives they’re passionate about. Just recently, for example, an employee-hosted event offering in-office manicures raised money for breast cancer research. Even some men in the office stepped up to get painted nails for a great cause!

Stantec is a global engineering firm that seeks to create a better world in water and natural resource sectors through management services, technical engineering, and construction services.

The community-driven promise at Stantec isn’t just a corporate message, it’s an actionable mission statement for team members. Recognizing that their values must drive their actions, employees are encouraged to participate in a wide scope of community-driven activities—from student mentoring through STEM programs, Engineers Without Borders, and Young Professionals associations to raise resources for disaster relief efforts around the world. The company also encourages its 22,000 employees every September to go out and give back by participating in various community activities during Stantec in Community Week.

BoomTown specializes in providing web-based software services—along with an in-house digital marketing agency—to serve as an end-to-end marketing solution for clients in the real estate industry.

BoomTown is about more than software. So, the company created Boomtown love—a way of paying it forward through things like education, outreach, and regional advocacy and being a company of good-for-somethings. Whether it’s donating time, money, or just stepping up and doing the right thing, the company knows that every little bit helps.

Jonah Group is a team of interactive, software, and business intelligence experts skilled in design, construction, and management of online enterprise systems to deliver end-to-end software services.

To promote a healthy culture, the Jonah Group strives to act with integrity and goodwill towards clients, staff, and the community. The company contributes to the community through charitable donations and by supporting green initiatives. They also host evening tech talks for clients, called Thursday Night Socials.

CEB is a best practice insight and technology company—advising organizations around the world on how best to drive business performance.

If you’re eager to make an impact, a role at CEB might just be your dream job. Every year, CEB closes its offices on Global Impact Day to encourage employees to give back and be a part of something larger. The work the team accomplishes varies and uses both personal and professional resources—from community work like painting children’s playgrounds to pro-bono consulting with non-profit organizations.

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and philanthropists.

A career with Bridgespan is rewarding and fulfilling in and of itself. Team members have the opportunity to make a direct impact on issues affecting large groups of people around the globe. That’s something that draws a wide diversity of talented people who truly want to make a difference.

Group is a passionate Christian publishing company which specializes in creating real ministry experiences that bring together worshippers of all ages.

At Group, both the company and products reflect a passion for giving back to the community—locally, nationally, and globally. And, that passion carries over into the various team-building activities employees partake in. From an annual Turkey Trot or a community garden to joining a charitable giving team or volunteering for a mission trip, there’s plenty of giving back happening in the Group office.

Glaukos designs, develops, and refines new treatment alternatives for patients with glaucoma, leading the industry with the iStent, a Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery launched in 2012.

Glaukos is dedicated to giving back to the community. The company is a big proponent of volunteer work and gives employees two days each and every year that they can use to help out in support of worthy causes. The company also donates iStents to the less fortunate. Glaukos has donated nearly $3 million in stents so far, and is only getting started!

The Mental Health Center of Denver is a place for recovery, resilience, and well-being, known locally and nationally for innovative and effective community behavioral healthcare.

Staff at the Mental Health Center of Denver love the impact that their work is having in the community. By providing individuals with services like housing, education, and employment, the team is seeing a greater acceptance of people suffering from mental illness—instead of the stigma that has cast a shadow over their lives for so long.

With operations in 30 countries across the world, Metabiota is a comprehensive epidemiological risk modeling platform that helps protect global health.

It’ll be tough to find a job more focused on giving back than one that contributes to the mission of combatting the threats of infections diseases. That’s exactly what Metabiota employees do day in and day out, and each and every team member is inspired by contributing to such a far-reaching and important purpose.

TNTP’s mission is to end educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most and advancing policies to ensure effective teaching in every classroom.

TNTP is doing its best to help America’s kids get the education they deserve. The organization works at every level of the public education system to attract and train talented teachers and school leaders, ensure rigorous and engaging classrooms, and create environments that prioritize great teaching and accelerate student learning.

Marsh & McLennan helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, facilitating capital flows, and overcoming barriers to investment.

Employees are inspired by the company’s focus on volunteer and community service. The MercerCares program is dedicated to giving back and encourages employee participation in the various volunteer events and the many colleague resource groups. The Veterans Resource Group—which supports veterans through monthly discussions and events—is one that the company is especially proud of.

Financial Engines provides personal comprehensive financial planning and professional investment management with online services and dedicated advisors, helping more people meet their financial goals.

With a job at Financial Engines, you’ll be giving back each and every day through your work. Everything the company does is in support of its mission to help people from all different walks of life secure successful financial futures for themselves. “Helping ordinary people along a path to financial freedom resonates through everything that we do,” explains Karen White, VP, Consumer Products.

Affirm delivers simple, trustworthy financial services, supported by modern technology and a team that’s reimagining core components of the financial infrastructure from the ground up.

One of Affirm’s core values is “People Come First.” This means investing in diversity and inclusion efforts so that people of all backgrounds have a seat at the table. The volunteer group regularly sets up events to give back to the community including food drives, mentoring, and preparing kits for local fire victims.

Snapsheet’s state-of-the-art mobile application technology transforms tedious auto insurance claims into simple, customer-centric processes, optimizing a carrier’s overall operations.

Snapsheet’s mission is something that every single employee finds to be rewarding. The company exists to streamline the fragmented process of obtaining a repair estimate and settling a claim. Employees love knowing that they’re making a real difference during a stressful point in their customers’ lives.

HireVue offers high-powered digital video and predictive analytic programs that help businesses, big or small, build and coach top teams in every industry.

HireVue makes a big difference for companies in a variety of different industries. In fact, HireVue’s unique programs and personalized attention raises growth rates by 50 percent and decreases turnover averages by 29 percent. That’s a far-reaching impact that the company and all of its employees can be proud of.

Kaiser Associates serves clients around the globe by providing strategy consulting and deep insights based on researched and informed perspectives from a variety of disciplines.

Kaiser Associates fosters a company culture that is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for accelerated development and growth. It’s a place where employees with diverse skill sets and backgrounds can learn from each other, knowing that the strategies Kaiser provides to a variety of clients lead to tangible impacts both nationally and globally.

AdParlor works with big brands and top tech companies to create incredible advertising campaign platforms that allow a client’s consumers to access important social information all in one place.

As a global company, AdParlor’s success is built on diversity—and hiring folks who are experts in their field. Once those experts are on board, each takes the opportunity to teach and learn from one another, coming in early or staying late to show, discuss, and take in useful tech tips and industry information that they can use to continue impacting the world.

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