28 Innovative Companies That Are Hiring Now

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a super innovative employer that would empower you to stretch your creative muscles, disrupt entire industries, and push the envelope each and every day?

Well, your year is off to a great start then. The 28 companies we’ve rounded up on this list are all incredibly inventive and forward-thinking. And they continue to break new ground by relying on the insights, opinions, and ideas of their employees.

Think you could fill those shoes? Every single one of these companies is making big hires right now. Looks like you’re about to check at least one resolution off your list.

Dun & Bradstreet helps grow valuable business relationships by uncovering important patterns in industry data and delivering analytical insight to its global network of customers and partners.

Dun & Bradstreet’s managers are hard to spot since a flat hierarchy makes it possible for everyone to be a leader. The company has found that this approach really boosts the creative capabilities of everyone on the team. “It’s quite a dynamic environment,” says Eleanor Phipps, Global Business Analyst. “There’s a lot of variety in the work we get to do—and there’s plenty of opportunity to explore.”

LegalZoom enables businesses and families to protect what matters most. With helpful tools and convenient access to attorneys, LegalZoom has helped close to 4 million people manage their legal needs.

LegalZoom enables its employees—also called Zoomers—to be authoritative visionaries in their roles by giving them the green light to innovatively execute its mission and their professional tasks. LegalZoom allows employees individual freedom to curiously explore imaginative solutions and eliminate challenging legal problems—fostering a positive and productive work environment.

HomeAway is a leading vacation rental marketplace, with vacation homes in over 190 countries around the world.

At HomeAway, there’s creativity around every corner and growth happening in every direction. Determined to turn naysaying hotel stayers into enthusiastic and exclusive HomeAway home renters, the company encourages its employees to rethink the tried-and-true as they inspire people to make the most of travel with its phenomenal accommodation services.

AlphaSights assists in connecting clients with the important worldwide insights and expertise they need to make better business decisions—and execute action plans more effectively.

AlphaSights knows that when their teams feel confident in their support systems, they’re able to expertly address and satisfy constantly changing client requirements. So, from open office concepts that keep directors mingling with their teams, to daily stand-ups for troubleshooting support, managers are available to assist the staff in any situation—while providing plenty of encouragement to think outside the box.

ZX Ventures is a global disruptive growth group, incubator, and venture capital firm specializing in helping brewers around the world dream, build, and deliver innovative beverages.

The team at ZX Ventures strives to be in sync with the needs and demands of the consumer, and eagerly pushes the envelope of innovation—whether it’s conceptualizing new liquids or packaging, scaling small brands, gaining new insights via consumer data, providing unique brand and consumer experiences, or creating entirely new businesses from scratch.

Upwork is the leading online workplace, providing business owners and freelancers with a marketplace to find each other.

While core values are just rhetoric at some companies, at Upwork, they’re priority one. The company is looking for people who inspire a boundless future of work, put the community first, have a bias towards action, and build amazing teams. By filling its ranks with people who are inspired by the company’s mission, Upwork is able to continuously innovate.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Think you know what it’s like to work on Wall Street? Think again. Goldman Sachs defies all of those cut-throat and conservative stereotypes that might come to mind. With plenty of fun team outings, a collaborative environment, and an emphasis on continuing to innovate and serve its clients, Goldman Sachs shatters that formal and stuffy mold.

SkyRyse aims to make air travel accessible and safe by building the world’s first autonomous air transportation system to change how people move—with an emphasis on precision and safety.

SkyRyse is working at the forefront of a fast-paced and exciting industry. Recognizing that people entrust technology with their lives, the company places safety at the heart of its operations. In a world that pressures technologists to move fast and break things, SkyRyse rigorously maintains exceptionally high safety standards by encouraging humility and open communication throughout its team.

Axiom’s attorneys and consultants provide cost-effective legal services to businesses and corporate employers. Axiom charges less than typical law firms—and delivers solid service to clients.

When it comes to legal services, Axiom has thrown the rulebook out the window. That fresh approach is something that employees find especially rewarding. “As a lawyer, it is particularly satisfying to implement change in an industry which has been slow to evolve with the times,” shares an Axiom Sales Executive.

CBS Interactive operates as the digital arm of the greater CBS Corporation by using advanced media products to run an online content network that dives into subjects people care about most.

Employees are quick to realize that CBS Interactive has the benefit of being both a traditional brand and a growth-driven innovator of digital properties. That’s why the company has cultivated a culture where employees feel comfortable pushing themselves. “Robust and bustling are the only ways to describe the culture. It’s a vibrant place with so many industries to choose from—all right at the point of real innovation,” says Owen Stretch, Senior Editor, MetroLyrics.

Phreesia streamlines the healthcare process, using software to eliminate repetitive paperwork for clients and doctors, enabling both to optimize their time together to reach better health outcomes.

Operating at the transformational crossroads of healthcare and technology, Phreesia has experienced phenomenal growth—which looks to continue unabated. It’s an industry that welcomes innovative thought, and Phreesia encourages employees of all backgrounds to provide diverse and powerful insights.

IDSS develops and builds advanced, next-generation screening systems for airport checkpoints and other secure facilities with an emphasis on enhancing safety and the passenger experience.

By thinking one step ahead, IDSS is making it possible for the flying public to soar to new heights in terms of safety. Though airports and organizations like the TSA are the company’s direct customers, everyday travelers are who IDSS focuses on when it comes to building an essential solution for air travel—and it all starts before the wheels have even left the ground.

Intercom gives online businesses a voice when speaking with customers by streamlining conversations through a communication platform that also makes targeted messaging natural and personal.

When it comes to the level of innovation you’ll find at Intercom, nobody describes it better than the company’s own employees. “Intercom places a lot of value in making world-class products,” explains Shekman Tang, Product Designer. “The work here enables me to tackle challenging problems with innovative solutions. It provides the opportunity to reinvent how businesses connect with customers.”

Next Century creates security solutions that combine industry expertise with data visualization, geographic information systems, image exploitation, and mobile computing programs.

Just one example of how Next Century fosters a culture focused on innovation? Every other week, employees get together over lunch to hear one of their co-workers present on a new technology they’re using or have recently studied. There’s always a great exchange of ideas, methods, and strategy during the exchange. Machine Learning, Apache Airflow, and Twitter Heron were all recently presented.

Stack Overflow offers internet users free, expert knowledge on diverse topics—from parenting to programming—through a network of user-friendly question and answer websites.

With the largest community of software developers on the internet, Stack Overflow has already made major waves—and, employees know that the company is only getting started. “What excites me about the future here is the sheer opportunity we have in the market. We’re this unbelievably powerful resource,” says Rachel Boyman, Strategic Account Manager, Stack Overflow Careers.

Glaukos designs, develops, and refines new treatment alternatives for patients with glaucoma, leading the industry with the iStent, a Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery launched in 2012.

Revolutionizing the traditional treatment of glaucoma requires plenty of innovation. Fortunately, Glaukos employees aren’t afraid of challenges—they’re inspired by them. “We have a strong pipeline and new projects we’re working on every day, and that gets me really excited about what’s going to happen in the next 10 years,” explains Jorge Lopez, Manager, Quality Control.

Blackbaud is one of the leading global providers of software and services for nonprofit organizations, connecting passionate people to important causes in order to raise funds and awareness.

Sitting at the intersection of technological creation and social good, “rewarding” and “fulfilling” are words you’ll hear Blackbaud employees use a lot. But, aside from the knowledge that they’re making an impact, team members also love the spirit of innovation that permeates the company. “We’re always looking to the future in order to keep our offerings fresh, and that’s really exciting for me, because I get to play with a lot of really cool technologies,” says Amanda Glosson, Software Engineer.

Ring produces innovative outdoor security cameras, including the original Video Doorbell, that reduce crime in neighborhoods and help homeowners keep their homes secure and their families safe.

Ring is a fast-paced company that embodies a culture of action. Employees don’t wait for things to happen—they make things happen and motivate each other to do their best work every day. The organization values open communication, and employees are encouraged to contribute ideas that are often implemented into innovative products and programs.

Medidata develops cloud-based tech that streamlines biopharma research. Its platform optimizes drug development and clinical trial processes, accelerating time-to-market for new treatments.

As a growing, fast-paced tech company, Medidata offers an engaging and intellectually stimulating work environment. The company is always on the lookout for candidates who have a strong appetite for learning. “People who excel at Medidata are able to learn quickly and keep pace with fast-moving projects. Being able to embrace change and being open to new ideas works to your advantage,” shares Daphnee Geyer, Senior Applications Engineer.

Big Fish Games develops and delivers fun, safe, and free unique casual video and virtual games for PC, Mac, and mobile users.

Although Big Fish Games is a fast growing company, it strives to maintain a nimble startup atmosphere. The company has an open-door policy, allowing employees easy access to any guidance or encouragement they might require to pursue their big ideas. Managers take a vested interest in all employee projects, offering ample advice and support whenever asked.

Through extensive research and development, Kohl’s works to create meaningful connections with every customer who comes into the company’s department stores or visits the site.

At Kohl’s, associates are encouraged to take their careers into their own hands by taking advantage of everyday opportunities. From presentations by national tech leaders and mentoring programs to development chats with executives, Kohl’s is committed to creating an environment for associates to grow, lead, and learn. The company knows that employees who are supported are the ones who are driven to innovate.

33Across is the first publisher traffic and monetization platform to guarantee the quality of its ads, offering advertisers 100% viewability and placements with a pre-bid fraud filter time and again.

Anyone who comes to 33Across has a real opportunity to help drive the success of the company. That’s in large part due to the fact that the management team is incredibly approachable. Instead of working behind closed doors, they sit alongside the rest of the staff and are always eager to hear new ideas—including the brilliant ones that come out of the annual company-wide hackathon.

Unruly disrupts traditional advertising technology methods. Backed by a major media organization, Unruly has the stability of an established corporation with the energy of a startup.

Unruly’s work is innovative, which means it often earns a spot proudly displayed within the company’s workspace—with the Future Video Lab being a highlight that both Unruly employees and clients alike enjoy. A culture of transparency and collaboration permeates the office, and big ideas are welcomed from anywhere.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and online community for gamers, bringing live and on-demand content to developers, publishers, and media outlets around the world.

As Twitch continues to grow, leadership strives to maintain a startup mentality and culture. Management is hands-on in advice, support, and availability—but hands-off when it comes to work style. Managers find ​that ​employees who are free to work out issues in their own ways become big assets as the company continues to innovate well into the future.

Custom Ink offers a better way to design and order custom t-shirts for groups, companies, and events, and provides unmatched quality service, whether it’s one shirt or ten thousand.

Custom Ink continues to create new ways to help foster a sense of community through the power of custom apparel—which employees find highly rewarding. “For the future of Custom Ink, what gets me most excited is our budding retail presence,” says Shobana Vaheesan, Lead Analyst. “I think the market and e-commerce in general is changing, and I’m really excited to see how a retail presence complements our online presence.”

Scribd is an online media company, building the world’s best way to read with an extensive library of ebooks and subscription services for readers around the world.

Scribd has been a key player when it comes to revolutionizing how people consume literature—a position the company owes to its driven and forward-thinking employees. For that reason, Scribd provides plenty of opportunities to blow off some steam and take a break from all of that innovating—including ping-pong, pinball, bi-weekly happy hours, unicycle rides, daily coffee breaks, and even random off-site team trips to get goat cheese right from the farm.

DentalOne refines the entire patient care experience by delivering operational support and top-tier service management so dentists can focus on treatment without sacrificing practice excellence.

Dental One stays at the forefront of its field because it recognizes the value in partnering with technologically advanced practices and forward-thinking doctors to push the limits on patient care. This unique approach allows Dental One to give clients more services, more flexibility, and more convenience. “What we do can be summed up in three words—inspiration, innovation, and growth. That’s what guides our journey as a company, and that’s what we bring to every practice we support,” says CEO, Tom Marler.

HP has been creating top-notch technologies, for more than 50 years, aiming engineer awesome equipment and incredible experiences that make a better world for people all around the globe.

HP is a leader in the technology industry with offices all over the world. The company’s goal is to engineer equipment that creates unique experiences and reinvents the way the world works, plays, and ultimately lives. That’s why it’s no surprise that HP was recently named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the industry.

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