5 New Year Tips For Engaging Burned Out Employees

Going back to work after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be downright depressing. You expect your employees to return rosy-cheeked and filled with boundless energy, and instead find a lethargic group of email-inundated and stressed out coffee addicts daydreaming about their cabin in the mountains.

As a boss or CEO, it can be frustrating to have your employees come back from their time off, only to seem more stressed and drained as opposed to refreshed and ready to work. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable ways you can revive your employees’ desire to do a good job. Through simple, fun activities, you’ll be able to give your employees a chance to step away from their work and blow off some steam.

Here’s how you can revive your company’s entire work ethic after the holiday season ends:


What better way to re-live that “holiday high” than singing terrible renditions of popular songs with your coworkers? Karaoke is a humiliatingly fun tradition that inevitably solidifies the friendships you have with the people you work with. If you’re looking for a fun and fairly inexpensive way to relax, plan a trip to a local karaoke bar and let hilarity ensue.

Take A Weird, Experimental Art Class

Here’s a creative team building activity your employees will actually enjoy! These types of classes are quickly growing in popularity, especially among Silicon Valley. Whether it’s a Virtual Reality class, an immersive theater class, or a found objects sculpting class, your employees will at least go home with a story to tell (and hopefully some new skills!).

Master Chef Class

A cooking class is a great way to encourage your employees to bond, while also promoting a good work-life balance. And if you can’t find a cooking class during work hours in your area, you can always order from a subscription service and have the ingredients and recipes sent right to your office door!

Do A Pub Crawl

If you’re one of the unlucky people who works at an office that isn’t 24/7 stocked with expensive whiskey and beer, plan a bar crawl. Gather a list of local hot spots that you’ve never been to, or have your coworkers curate a list of their favorite spots around town. If you want to keep the good times flowing, plan monthly corporate happy hours for your company.

Participate In A Sport

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Have your office participate in a sport! Head to a local mini golf or laser tag arena, or purchase an hour at a trampoline gym (all the rage for kid’s birthdays, but fun for adults who need to blow off a little steam, too!).

Regardless of the holidays having just occurred, it’s important to always keep your employees’ happiness top of mind. Reset your company’s work ethic with these exciting team-building activities.

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