6 Fantastic Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For

Sure, it’s nice to spend over $200,000 to read Foucault and discover your nascent Marxist tendencies, but you don’t actually need a degree to do a lot really awesome jobs out there. Being successful isn’t something that you are going to learn from reading books or being told what to do in a classroom, being successful will come after countless trials and errors (just read these inspirational quotes for proof). Great careers don’t just drop out of the sky, they are made. Here are six awesome jobs where a degree is totally optional!

1. Business Consultant

Being a business consultant is a dream job – you get to deal with a wide range of people and businesses across the spectrum, and you develop strategic and commercial skills as you progress up the consultancy ranks. As a consultant, you can work flexible hours and are practically your own boss. Through word of mouth you can build yourself a healthy client pool.

Keep this on the down low, but top consultants easily earn six figures! Most business consultants start off as entrepreneurs and business owners themselves, using their life lessons to help others. Some professionals feel that a MBA is a great way to upgrade their business skills, but many successful business owners start their careers as young entrepreneurs without any formal schooling in business (here are some of the benefits of an MBA if it’s something you’re interested in).

Whether you get an MBA or not,  there’s no amount of schooling that can give you drive, ambition and charisma. Successful entrepreneurs and consultants often are great leaders and excellent communicators, two qualities that simply can’t be learned from some dusty textbook. So, if you have an innovative idea or think you can contribute to a business but lack a degree, go for it.

2. Sales & Marketing Professional


Sales and marketing professionals are needed in all industries. These career paths tend to attract curious, gregarious, and eccentric people.

There are often formal qualifications and degrees in marketing (some of them are very good), but it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily need a degree to get recognized as a great marketer. You can easily get an internship with a resume that includes your popular blog, your knowledge of SEO, or even just your writing background. If you’re unsure of where to start, many marketers value good writing, and you can often freelancer for company blogs, and learn about other aspects of marketing along the way. Give it a year and nobody will even think to ask where you went to school.

Think sales isn’t for you? There are loads of tired sales guy cliches that don’t apply these days – modern sales has changed into being more relationship-focused and customer-oriented. And the best part is, you can start off with a low base salary and make up for it with pure talent.

A great place to start is to work with small local businesses and one-person businesses, helping them with their sales & marketing strategies. Working with small budgets and constraints will prepare you for the financial side of the business. Great marketers and sales professionals have good personal brands so focus on how you represent yourself online and in person.

3. Online Entrepreneur

This can be an elusive and difficult option. Don’t get sucked in by all those ads and popups that tell you that you can earn $300K online in three months by doing virtually nothing. Being an online entrepreneur is a serious commitment that takes time and dedication. Whether you invest in content creation, selling products, or technical knowledge – select a path that works for you.

Want to earn money online, but don’t know where to start? One of the easiest options for newbies is to opt for a hosted ecommerce platform and run a dropshipping store, or start a blog that you then monetize through ads or affiliate marketing (pro-tip: this is also a great way to get into Marketing!).

4. Writer

Being a writer is a passion; it’s much more than just a job for most. That being said, it is totally possible to be a jobbing writer who enjoys working for a variety of brands and businesses and doesn’t have a novel manuscript sitting in their desk.

Writing is judged by the final product – not by the credentials of the writer, so you don’t need to major in English to be a good writer. Succeeding as a writer is more about speed, accuracy, and your ability to market yourself and form good client relationships.

Ad Copywriter, Digital Copywriter, Content Strategist, Sales Copywriter, Blogger, Content Marketer, Ebook Author, Journalist – writers these days wear many hats (and pens). Get to know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and specialize in something that you enjoy doing. The sky is limit. Who knows? You could end up writing for the best blog of all time.

5. Artisan Entrepreneur

Being an artisan in 2017 is not equivalent to being a starving misunderstood genius– craft makers, artists and general ‘doers’ can now use the power of the web to sell on third party marketplaces and launch their own artisan brands.

As people move more towards sustainable shopping and favor organic and local brands, make your artisan products part of that same tendency. Rep your ethical credentials and share your product stories on social media.

Good branding and investing in your products in terms of quality, design, and provenance will help you build up a good brand reputation. To market your wares, use all the tricks in the book. Go multichannel and sell on third party marketplaces, collaborate on product reviews with bloggers, dominate social media, and run a seasonal pop up shop.

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