9 Jobs Where You’ll Earn More Than You Did Last Month

If you feel like you’re not earning what you’re worth and salary negotiations have already fallen flat, finding a new job may just be the best way to boost your paycheck. Jumping ship is a big decision to be sure, and it can be intimidating. But when the incentive is finally making what you deserve, it’s worth investigating.

Fortunately, the jobs market is strong right now. Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports show that there are now a wide variety of positions that have been seeing big increases in pay from year to year (and even month to month). Below are a few positions with rapidly growing salaries — apply to these hot jobs now to reap the full benefits!

1. Customer Service Manager

Median Salary: $50,526

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 7.4 percent

Are you a people person who loves helping others? Then a Customer Service Manager position is right up your alley. While you can find Customer Service Manager positions in a wide variety of companies and industries, they’re all tasked with the common goal of ensuring that customers are happy.

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2. Construction Laborer

Median Salary: $38,321

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 9.4 percent

Great news for those that enjoy good old-fashioned handiwork — Construction Laborers have one of the fastest-growing salaries out there right now. Whether you’re building a cozy home for two or a twenty-story office building, you’ll get the satisfaction of working with your hands and collaborating as a team.

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3. Product Manager

Median Salary: $94,391

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.3 percent

Calling all former editors-in-chief, team captains, and student body presidents: Product Manager might just be the next great career move for you to explore. Organized, deadline-driven professionals with strong leadership skills thrive in this position, which combines management, tech savvy, and creativity in order to make sure product innovations are well-built and on-time.

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4. Pharmacy Technician

Median Salary: $31,290

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 5.2 percent

If you’re the kind of person who needs meaningful work in order to be happy, look no further. Pharmacy Technicians offer a critical service by assembling and providing prescriptions, as well as educating patients about their medication.  

5. Producer

Median Salary: $51,799

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.4 percent

Does the silver screen call to you? If so, it’s time to look into production jobs. Producers touch nearly every point of the creative process, from casting to story development and beyond. Put in a few years, and who knows? You may just wind up as the next Spielberg.  

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6. Recruiter

Median Salary: $51,833

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.7 percent

Just because you’re the type of person who could sell water to a whale doesn’t mean you have to go into sales. Recruiting is a natural fit for outgoing folks who love interacting with others and closing a deal. Whether you’re scouring the web for the perfect candidate, conducting a phone screen or sending out an offer letter, recruiting is an immensely rewarding job.

7. Machine Operator

Median Salary: $38,558

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 7.6 percent

Ever dream of being behind the wheel of a big yellow excavator as a child? With over 110k Machine Operator jobs currently available and rising salaries, now’s your chance.

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8. Data Analyst

Median Salary: $59,127

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 5.7 percent

As data detectives who look for trends and stories from raw information, Data Analyst is an exciting and strategic job in itself. But it’s also a great stepping stone on the path to becoming a Data Scientist, rated the Best Job of 2016. Jump start your career by applying now!

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9. Retail Key Holder

Median Salary: $32,264

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 5.4 percent

If you’ve been in the retail scene for a while, it’s worth applying to be a Retail Key Holder, a retail worker with additional management responsibilities. Retail Key Holders earn a solid salary that’s only trending upwards, so there’s no time to apply like the present.


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