A Japanese company will pay employees in Bitcoin

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  • Japanese company GMO Internet Group will start paying
    employees partially in bitcoin in 2018.
  • Employees can receive payments from about $88 to $881
    in bitcoin.
  • The company invests in the

A Japanese internet services provider will start to pay employees
partially in bitcoin, according to cryptocurrency
watcher CoinDesk. 

Beginning in 2018, GMO Internet Group will give
employees the option to receive payments from 
yen (about $88) to 100,000 yen (about $881). Employees will also
get an additional 10% of the salary they choose to receive in
bitcoin as an incentive.

GMO has an interest in promoting bitcoin. It is set to
launch a new 
mining operation in 2018, and actively trades

Bitcoin is rising in popularity, with people using bitcoin to pay
for private schools and buying homes.

But some still urge caution. World renowned economist Robert
 said bitcoin was “the best example
of a bubble.”

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