Google Now Features Glassdoor Pay Data In Job Search

For years, Glassdoor, the fastest growing U.S. job site, has known that today’s job seeker wants to know as much as possible about a job, including what it pays and what it’s like to work at the company, when considering where to work. So it comes as no surprise that Google is now surfacing salary information in its job search results from a few industry leaders including Glassdoor.

Starting today, Glassdoor’s unique pay data provided by employees will be included in many job search results on Google. For example, Facebook software engineers have reported on Glassdoor that they earn a median base salary of approximately $127,000. So when a job seeker Google searches for open jobs for software engineers at Facebook, it’s likely they will see Glassdoor pay data alongside the open roles. Furthermore, Google users now will have access to improved location settings, job application choices, and the ability to save their job search.

This new salary offering reflects the ongoing partnership between Google and Glassdoor which was first announced in June 2017.

“Glassdoor is pleased to continue our partnership with Google in their job search initiative,” said Heather Friedland, Glassdoor Chief Product Officer. “The collaboration is another step forward in reaching our mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love. Since Glassdoor launched, we have continued to demonstrate the power of offering people access to all of the latest jobs paired with salaries, reviews and more for specific jobs and companies. By enabling people to be more informed during the job search process, employers in turn are seeing higher quality candidates than ever before.”

Glassdoor research has shown that 98 percent of job seekers say it would be helpful to see pay ranges in job listings, while nearly 7 in 10 (68%) say that salary and compensation is among their top considerations before accepting a job. Furthermore, 4 in 5 job seekers look at company reviews and ratings before making job decisions. These informed candidates are engaged and well-researched when they apply to jobs. 

We know job seekers often use multiple sites in their job search, and we find the majority of job seekers will pass through Glassdoor — often multiple times — as part of their job search process. Whether they find a job listing on Google or Glassdoor, they will ultimately use Glassdoor to research the company and/or what the job pays to determine if they want to apply. After all, Glassdoor’s job search experience is preferred over other job sites and we are the most effective recruiting platform.

We’re excited to receive feedback from job seekers and employers on Glassdoor’s continued participation in Google’s job search experience, including this addition of surfacing Glassdoor’s unique pay data provided by employees. If you’ve checked it out, let us know your thoughts.


To learn more about Google’s job search feature, visit the Google blog. To search open jobs on Glassdoor, visit Glassdoor jobs. To learn more about posting employer jobs on Glassdoor, visit Glassdoor for Employers.


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