Here are the Best Times to Make Business Development Calls

One of the biggest objections prospects have is receiving a call from a recruiter or salesperson at the wrong time. To help you get a better return from your business development calls, here are the best days and times to make prospecting calls…

Often, you decide when to call a prospect based on your schedule. But, it’s worth rethinking that process. It’s better to focus on the prospect’s schedule and find the points in their day when they’re most open to hearing from you. A study from compiled data generated from thousands of B2B calls, identifying some key trends about the best times to pick up the phone and speak to a prospect.

The Best Days for a Prospecting Call

According to, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to make a prospecting call. This immediately makes sense, right?

On Fridays, potential clients are looking forward to the weekend, and on Mondays and Tuesdays they’re settling into a new week. By Wednesday, however, they’re likely to have some time to lift their head up, and by Thursday, with the weekend looming, prospects are likely to be more receptive to your messaging.  

The Best Time of Morning for a Prospecting Call

Wednesdays and Thursdays might well be the best days for prospecting calls, but you can narrow this down further. Not all times in the day are created equal and if you call at the wrong time, you’ll miss your window of opportunity.  So, think about the structure of a typical work day. Managers and bosses are likely to be first in the door, so a call before 9am is more likely to lead to a conversation with a decision maker.

LeadResponseManagement’s study found that 8am – 9am is the best time to call a prospect, with 9am – 10am being good but not as effective as a call before 9am.

The Best Afternoon Time for A Prospecting Call

A good time to reach prospects in the afternoon is between 4pm and 6pm. At this point, most of your potential clients are tying up projects and finishing up for the day. These prospects will have less on their mind and be more likely to take a moment to listen to you. The other thing to note, similar to the pre-9am tip, is to call prospects after 5:30pm, and before 7pm. It’s likely that if anyone is still in the office, they’re managers or decision makers. This could be a good opportunity to reach them.

The Worst Times for Prospecting Calls

Skip out the middle hours of the day, between 11am and 2pm. Most folks will be out of the office during those hours enjoying their lunch. If they’re eating their lunch at their desks, then a prospecting call will be especially unwelcome. Picking the best times for prospecting calls means finding the time where prospects are most receptive to you and your services. Lunch time is definitely a time to avoid.

Picking the best time for a prospecting call makes all the difference. To be successful you need to put some thought in to what your prospects are likely doing at each point in the day. Find the gaps in their schedule, the times where they’re most likely to take your call, and you’ll enjoy a far better return on your prospecting efforts!

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