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Good&Co’s Teamwork Pro is a solution to help your recruiters hire better based on personality diversity to optimize performance, improve collaboration, and reduce turnover. The fun, highly engaging tool helps you get the most of your teams using personality quizzes. Steeped in hard science and based on decades of organizational psychology and psychometric research, our personality tests are designed to score career specific insights. Time Magazine called Good&Co the “lovechild of eHarmony and LinkedIn;” they weren’t wrong, you’ll love the way this improves recruiting. And we’ve just made it even better.

Teamwork Pro allows you to chose the criteria for fit in your candidates. Are you looking for someone to offset the personality of their manager or team? Do you hope to find a star with a specific shining trait? Aiming to echo the success of your best performing salesman by finding someone similar? Maybe you want someone who simply matches the template for the role as closely as possible or can solve the puzzle of your team’s most difficult problems. Now it’s easier to find that perfect candidate.

Our latest release gives more power to recruiters with improved candidate filtering. You’ll be able to choose the specifics of how you compare candidate profiles. You can select the exact traits to focus on to find your ideal hyper-organized, creative unicorn, if that’s what you’re into. You can also compare candidates against individual team members or see how they’ll fit into a larger group.

Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what it is you’re looking for, you’ll then receive a single Fitscore that is unique to how each candidate fits into your company. Our personality tests classify candidates using 195 trillion possible results and matches them to you based on exactly what you want, backed by real psychometric science that is tailored to career insights.

There are improvements to the flow of candidate invites, too! You no longer need to know the email address of team members to search them in Teamwork Pro. It’s been simplified! People connected to your account can be searched by name. You can also paste and send invites to an entire list of candidate emails at once. This is especially useful if you’re new to Teamwork Pro and are ready to get everyone in on the party!

Can’t wait to hear more? Get a demo of Teamwork Pro with Jeremy or email him directly at jeremy@good.co.


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