How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home

There’s absolutely nothing like completing an MS Excel Spreadsheet while snugged up by your fireplace. Even if you love your company’s workplace culture, inconveniences like public transport, traffic and not being able to wear your UGGs, can make working from home pretty appealing. If you think that working from home would make you a happier and more productive employee, you should definitely see if your company allows it. However, what should you do if your boss is a little skeptical of this idea? Instead of waxing poetic about your love for bath bombs, pajamas and face masks, a good strategy would be to discuss how working from home would benefit the company in general. When trying to convince your boss, it’s best to address their concerns head on and discuss how working from can make you a better asset to the company!  Before you start acting like a diva, read our tips on how to convince your boss to let you work from home!

1. Productivity is key.

Sure, some of us have incredible bosses, but that doesn’t change the fact that numbers are usually their bottom line! When trying to convince your boss, discuss how you being home will actually benefit the company! In an article for the Harvard Business Review, finance expert Scott Edinger claims that when he worked for an investment firm, employees working from remote locations were more engaged and satisfied. Why did working from home have such a positive impact on employees?

Scott Edinger theorizes that since these employees weren’t dealing with the daily drama of the workplace, they were generally happier and more productive. Moreover, these employees had a more favorable view of their bosses and coworkers! So, if your boss is concerned that you will become more disengaged if you swap your cubicle for your couch, simply send them Edinger’s study to ease their anxiety!

2. Set up a communication plan.


In the 21st century, we literally have self driving cars, virtual reality and robots as coworkers.  Remote communication in 2017 shouldn’t be a big deal! Even if you don’t have a tech-savvy boss, let them know that you’ll help set everything up and show them how incredibly simple everything is to use. Messaging systems like Slack, iMessage and Whatsapp makes it so you could potentially even work from your smartphone!

However, it’s important to insure your boss that you won’t succumb to the perils of online communication. When communicating digitally, don’t come off as cold and detached. Also, while you could’ve missed a phone call or two when you were working in the office, it’s all too easy for your boss, coworkers, and clients to assume the worst when you’re working for home. So, set up a clear time table with your boss on when you should be online when working from home!

3. Ease yourself into it.

If your ultimate goal is to split your time equally between the office and your home, it’s probably best for you to ease yourself into it, especially if your boss is skeptical. Suggest to your boss that you should start out by working from home once a week for a month. After each week, check in with your boss to see if they have any comments, questions or concerns. If they are satisfied with your performance, then you should request to split your time evenly between the office and your home!

If you follow these helpful tips, hopefully you will be working from home in no time! To get yourself pumped, listen to Fifth Harmony’s jam and read our numerous tips on the WFH lifestyle!


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