How to Set Up a Job Board Without Knowing a Thing About Coding


Job boards, the first thing a job seeker turns to when reaching for the next rung on the ladder.

Designed to entice (one hopes), a job board should be easily searchable, perfectly SEO-ed, and stuffed full of the latest industry vacancies.

They may look like complicated chunks of laborious code, diligently crafted by talented and expensive designers and developers, and some are, but in today’s age other options are available for those with a little flair and no programming experience.

But we’ve got a secret for you:

WordPress. It allows you to create a Job Board without any prior code knowledge whatsover.

WordPress boast some amazing stats (WordPress currently runs on 22% of new US domains), so we’ve chosen WordPress as the best example of how to set up a job board.

Name & Domain

The first thing you will need is a name for your job board. Your choice, but keep it relevant and interesting. Let’s skip to buying a domain. Make it easy to remember and simple to type. Your domain provider will be able to guide you through setting up WordPress on your new domain and when installed, you have a preconfigured theme will already be uploaded, giving you an instant website can be viewed immediately. A WordPress theme is the package of code, images, videos, and any other files included to create your website.


 Your next step will be to purchase a job board theme that you’ll unzip and upload to your WordPress backend. This may nee sounding a little complicated but it couldn’t be more simple. The key to a good looking job board with all the features you and your future clients will need is to select the perfect theme from the myriad available on WordPress theme developers’ websites.

Companies exist solely to develop addons, extras and complete, customisable themes for WordPress websites. They are easy to find via theme market places such as WordPress, ThemeForest, and Theme Circle, On these sites you will see previews of what your job board could look like. Not all theme markets have job board-specific themes, however, with some time spent searching you can find what you’re looking for. We won’t lie, expect finding the right one to take a little time and do not settle for the first job board you find. Look for the customisable elements – the more flexible, the more you can tailor and personalise it.


You’ve purchased your theme and downloaded the zip folder, now you need to upload it to your website. Unzip the folder and look for a text file with your initial instructions. This should guide you through process of uploading the theme to your website. You may have liked one of the demo versions of your theme when you first saw it online and it is more than likely your theme will allow you to upload demo content to instantly transform your job board into the one you liked. Upload. Boom! There’s your job board, already live and with some fake adverts to fill the blanks. You’ve created a job board, on your own domain, and without the tiniest piece of coding knowledge. Amazing. Now you need to start customising.


Specific details of how to customise your new job board are outside the scope of this article, but most themes come with drag-and-drop website building tools to make layout, colour, and other design elements easy to manipulate. The key is to be confident with WordPress (an easy content management system to understand) and with that you should have the confidence to edit, alter, insert, upload and do whatever else you want to make your shiny, new fully functioning, operational job board a complete success.

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