How Tossing K-Cups Can Get You A Promotion (And Other Out Of The Box Strategies)

How are you supposed to prove that you’re a kickass leader who can delegate and inspire better than Leslie Knope with a new park proposal if you’re forced to do nothing more than fetch complicated coffee orders and have your boss toss her jacket into your limp and supple arms?

1. Think outside the box

Sometimes, there are things that you can do outside of your actual job description and department that will help get you recognition for being a leader.

Do you care about the earth not being buried under rising sea levels? Do you care about plants and animals, you know, not going extinct? Well, I hope so. If so, why not start a “go green” initiative at your office? Throw out those environment-destroying K-Cups and encourage your co-workers to bring their own mugs to work!

By doing this, you’ll have an excuse to talk to your boss and higher-ups, prove you’re an awesome leader, and help the environment. Think outside the box to find company-wide initiatives that can help you be seen as a leader, whether you’re technically a boss or not.

2. Take inititive


Pro-tip: don’t be a mansplainer or try to tell people how to do their jobs. I promise you won’t make any friends with, “Well, actually you should…” as your catch phrase.

That said, if you see that something needs to get done and you can do it, do it! Make yourself available in the office to help those who ask for it, whether that means helping out yourself or delegating.

Don’t do the office dishes for everyone if that’s below your pay grade, but if your coworker needs some help figuring out a bug in their code, help or connect them with someone who can. Channel Rory Gilmore pre-season 8 and you can’t go wrong.

3. Take responsibility for mistakes

Everyone wants full recognition when things go great, but what about when things go not-so-great? Don’t pull a TSwizzle and blame everyone else while playing the victim.

A true leader stands up and explains what went wrong, and most importantly, how they’ll fix it so it doesn’t happen again in the future. If a full solution isn’t clear, at least make suggestions and brainstorm possible fixes. You can’t be a boss without helping your team fix mistakes.

4. Take chances

Maybe don’t take as many chances as Jimmy McGill turned Saul Goodman, but I can assure you that any success you have will include its fair share of failures.

Don’t just do what you boss tells you; go beyond what they’re asking. Sometimes, you will fail. That’s just part of it. But your boss will see that you worked your ass off trying to help the company, and that’s what they’ll take away from this. If you’re ready to learn from your failures, you’re ready to make it in the business world.

5. Appreciate your co-workers

The best bosses are those who show gratitude and appreciation to their workers. This inspires confidence in the team, more dependability, and generally, more satisfaction. 80% of employees say they’re more likely to work harder if their boss shows appreciation.

So, why wouldn’t this be true for co-workers as well? Expressing your appreciation for the great work everyone in your team does, will produce a fantastic rapport between you and your co-workers (and potential future employees).

If you’re well respected by those you work with, they’re more likely to listen to you or go to you for advice. And what happens then? You’re seen as a leader, first in your small circle, then in the wider range of the company.

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