Insiders Reveal How to Ace Your Interview at eBay

For over 20 years, the eBay marketplace has been a go-to destination for millions of customers around the world to shop and sell. The company is also deeply rooted in technology, employing thousands of people to innovate, redefine and transform the trillion dollar commerce industry. From interns to engineers, data scientists to advertising strategists, payments to payroll, eBay attracts and retains talent in offices across the globe.

So what does it take to land a coveted role at the global commerce leader? First things first, you’ve got to apply. But even before that, there are various things you can do to differentiate yourself from the thousands of applicants who try to get into eBay’s multicolored front doors.

Most importantly, becoming an informed candidate is essential to success at eBay – and any other top-notch company for that matter. This means you’re knowledgeable about the company you’re applying to. Employers love candidates who have done their research before the application process.  Studies have shown that candidates who have the right expectations of a company and apply to the job thoughtfully are twice as likely to be hired.

But don’t just take our word for it. For the inside scoop, we turned to Debbie Roeder, Global Talent Attraction Programs Manager at eBay to find out what eBay’s vast team of recruiters want candidates and job seekers to research about eBay before they apply. Here’s what they had to say:

“What do you want job seekers to research about your company/the position before they apply?”   

The Company: “It’s critical for a candidate to understand eBay’s history and the impact the company has had on the world over the past two decades. But just as important, a candidate should be well-versed in the ‘eBay of today’ and where the company is headed.” 

I’d like candidates to do a little more research on eBay and our different businesses – StubHub, eBay classifieds, etc. and how they fit into the larger company portfolio.”

The Role and Its Broader Impact: “A candidate should well-grounded in the general the scope of the role itself, and then be able to envision how they can apply their skills and passion for solving complex issues. I not only love when a candidate shows excitement in overcoming a technical challenge but also when there they show a deep sense of gratification in making a positive difference in the lives of millions of customers who will be impacted by their work. Given eBay is a purpose-driven company that empowers people and creates economic opportunity, it’s important for a candidate to fully embrace both the role and company’s mission.”


User Experience: “I always find it refreshing when a candidate has recently visited or transacted on eBay – or has downloaded the app. They can then meaningfully convey their experiences and how their personal contribution can positively impact the company as a whole.”

Ask Informative Questions: “Through Glassdoor, candidates are able to get a sense of the company culture through reviews. They can ask informed questions during the interview process to determine whether it’s an ideal environment for their type of work style.”

“Overall, taking the time to research, understand and internalize a potential job opportunity is critical. Having a foundational understanding of the company will make a candidate more appealing and engaged, and will nicely complement a compelling cover letter and resume during the interview process. Being knowledgeable of both the company and role allows a candidate to prepare for potential interview topics, ask informed questions of the recruiter and hiring manager, and  help determine whether the company is indeed a great fit.”

With hundreds of open roles across the globe right now, it’s high time to take a look at eBay’s Glassdoor profile and visit the company’s career site to find that perfect job that suits you.

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