Join Glassdoor’s Product Team as a Senior Product Manager of Adtech

Have you ever wished you could get a real look inside a company and a particular role? No HR speak, just the truth about the role and more details than the job description may provide?

Now’s your chance. Glassdoor is on the hunt for a Senior Product Manager, Adtech to help drive growth. It’s the perfect opportunity for an excellent problem solver with good technical judgment. To dig deeper into the org, the opportunity, and the team, we caught up with Annie Pearl, Glassdoor’s VP of Product.

Before you submit your resume to our recruiters, read Annie’s insights to see if this is a job that will fit your life.

Glassdoor: Let’s dive right into the Senior Product Manager, Adtech position — what will that role consist of?
Annie Pearl: Glassdoor is a not only an important resource for job seekers get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work at a company but also a great tool for job seekers to find and apply to their next job.

As a Senior Product Manager, Adtech, you will be responsible for building our next generation job ads platform. In this role, you will be responsible for the success of our Adtech platform, including strategy, product roadmap, product design, quality, sales enablement, and launch. We will look to you to bring in Adtech industry expertise and use that knowledge to design and implement the future of our job ads platform.

Glassdoor: What kind of person are you looking for to fill this role?
Annie Pearl: We are looking for someone who thrives on interesting, complicated challenges and who has hands-on experience building and designing ad tech systems. The ideal candidate will be able to set forth a vision for where we need to evolve our job ad platform to and lead a cross-functional team across engineering, marketing, sales, finance, and data science to get us there.

Glassdoor: Why is now the perfect time for this first-of-its-kind role at Glassdoor?
Annie Pearl: Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing job sites in the market and we are committed to providing the best jobs product we can for both employers and job seekers. In this role, you will be instrumental in making that happen.

In addition to the benefits of having the focus across the company on our jobs product, Glassdoor is also at a really fun stage of a company’s growth where we are big enough we’ve established product-market fit and have significant consumer and B2B traction, but are also nimble enough that you have the power to make a tremendous amount of impact. I find this time to be at a company very special and quite rare.

Glassdoor: How would the ideal candidate work between your team and marketing advertising efforts?
Annie Pearl: This role is highly cross-functional and the ideal candidate will be able to go from being deep in the technical weeds with engineering to partnering with marketing on an upcoming feature launch. Being able to think through product vision with a focus on business outcomes and customer satisfaction will be a key attribute for the ideal candidate.

Glassdoor: What type of person would work well in the Glassdoor culture?
Annie Pearl: The type of person who would work well in the Glassdoor culture is someone who is highly collaborative but also a doer. This type of person is able to discover opportunities across the business and effectively lead others to realize those opportunities.

Glassdoor: What’s your work style as the VP of Product?
Annie Pearl: I’m a big believer in the concept of servant leadership. I see my role as the leader to be primarily in support of those working on my team. In this role, I only see myself as being successful only when my team is successful. At times this means helping unblock a team member or getting them additional resources and, at others, it means brainstorming through a hard product problem with them. Once I’ve set the north star for the team on where we need to go, my work style is to do everything I can to make my team successful.

Glassdoor: You’ve been at Glassdoor less than a year, what would you tell candidates has been the most exciting part of your job? Why should they come to Glassdoor?
Annie Pearl: The most exciting part about my job is the opportunity for the impact I can have on the product as well as the company. As I mentioned above, we are at this special phase in a companies growth where we have the privilege of building on the foundation of a very successful consumer and employer product and can focus on taking these products to the next level of scale and growth. I get a lot of joy and excitement out of being able see the impact of this work on a daily basis.


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