PHOTOS: We visited Amazon Jobs Day

Hundreds of people turned out.Sarah Jacobs

On Wednesday, Amazon hosted a colossal, nation-wide jobs fair it billed as the largest in the US.

In an effort to fill 50,000 warehouse jobs at the company, the online retail giant invited people across the county to tour 10 of its warehouses and apply for these jobs in person.

Open jobs seem like good news, but the mass turnout for Jobs Day reveals a troubling insight about the American economy. Business Insider’s Pedro Nicolai da Costa wrote that the mass turnout indicates that workers are desperate for jobs and that the economy is nowhere near full employment, despite the Fed saying otherwise. 

According to Glassdoor, Amazon warehouse workers make around $12 an hour, which CNN reported is below the national average for warehouse employees but above the national average for retail workers. However, Amazon offers warehouse employees benefits, including tuition reimbursement, 401(k) matching, and restricted stock options. 

At the warehouse in New Jersey, hundreds of people waited hours at a time for these jobs.

As of Thursday, the company hadn’t hit its goal of 50,000 hires.

“A record-breaking 20,000 applications were received on this day alone with thousands of job offers extended to candidates and more to come in the next few days,” Amazon vice president of human resources John Olsen said in a statement. “We continue to process candidates at events across the country and expect that to continue over the coming days. We’re excited to welcome these new employees to the Amazon team.”

The Robbinsville, New Jersey, warehouse alone had 1,500 jobs up for grabs, according to local news outlet When we stopped by, we watched as hundreds of people turned out to try to snag a role.

Here’s what we saw during Amazon Jobs Day at the Robbinsville warehouse:

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