PR vs Journalist Salaries

It will come as no surprise that the average public relations (PR) professional can expect to earn a higher average salary at all stages of their career than a journalist on the same rung of the career ladder.

Earlier this year the Public Relations and Communications Association’s (PRCA) 2016 Census found the average PR salary is £45,100 where as a Reuters Institute report ‘Journalists in the UK’ found the average journalist salary to be between £28,812-£38,400. This also found that around 20% of journalists earn less than £19,500/yr, compared with around 6% of PR professionals.

A National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) survey in 2012 found journalists working in broadcast are amongst the highest paid with the Reuters 2015 study finding around 20% of those mainly working in broadcast take home around £4,000 a month. Compare this with those working at magazines and newspapers who rank amongst the lowest paid in journalism.

Full-time staff journalists appear to earn similar monthly salaries to freelance journalists, although the average freelance PR’s annual salary is over £10,000 more than those working in-house or agency side.

Does this explain why you can find lots of ex-journalists working in PR?


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