Shifting Your Talent Focus Through Employer Branding


Tech talent is in high demand. More and more companies are shifting their focus to becoming more digitally focused business and hiring the best tech talent out there has become a major priority. That’s why need a super strong employer brand.

We chat with Sarah Dovlo, the Head of Employer Branding Europe at ABB, a big Swedish-Swiss engineering company to learn how ABB have gone from a traditional company with a rich heritage to a future-focused and digitally relevant employer.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the culture is like at ABB
  • What talent challenges ABB face right now
  • Why their EVP is ‘It begins with you’ and how they activate this message
  • How ABB leverage social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Sapchat to reach young talent
  • Why ABB go to events and meetups to seek out talent
  • Why data is the most important aspect of employer branding
  • How ABB measure their employer branding efforts
  • Why Allianz and Deutsche Bahn inspire Sarah
  • What’s next for ABB’s employer brand

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