SmartRecruiters: Leader in TAS Strategy

IDC Report confirms that in just 3 short years SmartRecruiters has established itself as a leader amongst the prominent players in modern Talent Acquisition Software (TAS) industry.

The 2017 report released by IDC  (Information Data Corporation) last September places SmartRecruiters in the inner circle of TAS giants, labeled as a  ‘leader’ with brands that have been established for much longer. In fact, we are the only new company to move into this category. We are excited to be out running and outperforming the competition – new and old, especially in the field of product strategy where we are recognized as a luminary, setting the pace for our colleagues across the industry.

To be a leader in strategy not only means offering what a business requires today as far as sourcing, attracting and hiring top candidates but looking forward to the future and the needs that we foresee for a modern business – whether they are a 10 person operation or a global enterprise.

We do not treat our TAS like a static product, rather we consider it a living ecosystem that evolves with the changing environment of the marketscape.  Recently we have brought Google Job Search and Slack into our ecosystem through meaningful partnerships that encourage integration for the convenience and greater capabilities of our clients. Just look to our Fall Product Release and it’s plain that our products are in a constant state of evolution.

We operate with a global perspective. Part of that view comes from our partnership with companies all over the world. With offices in 5 countries including UK, USA, Germany, France, and Poland – it’s impossible for us to consider the future of TAS on anything but a Global level.

Right now we are preparing for the looming deadline for GDPR compliance which ushers in a new era of data privacy laws in Europe. We have been active towards compliance since the new regulations were announced in April 2016. Our strategy for GDPR compliance has been in place from the beginning because that’s how we choose to operate. We solve problems before they arrive.

When we think how we arrived at this point, as a leader in industry strategy, we have to thank our customers. We prioritize the needs of our clients because we know we learn the most about our product from them.

It’s obvious to us that we are only able to lead in strategy because of our collaborative partnerships with our clients. Our hands-on approach means we have primary knowledge of how high-performing businesses use our product which means we can look towards the future needs of our clients – accelerating our innovation cycles into hyperspeed.

Research manager for IDC Kyle Lagunas, who authored their latest report, said it best when he stated: “SmartRecruiters’ forward-thinking approach toward determining and designing features leverages extensive research, customer feedback, and an intimate understanding of industry practices (both good and bad).”

SmartRecruiters has a 97% customer renewal rate and we think it’s because we offer our customers more than a platform—we offer them a partner in hiring success.

“We really care about what we do,” says Founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck, “and it feels wonderful to be acknowledged for that.”

SmartRecruiters was evaluated along with 12 other TAS companies using a rigorous scoring methodology that considers both qualitative and quantitative criteria. What we end up with is the above graphic illustrating each subject’s position.

We want to highlight some of the key characteristics that IDC showcased in their 2017 report.

  • Advanced technology that creates a more productive and intuitive UX, designed for the way people actually work, including a streamlined workflow for recruiters, intuitive experience for hiring managers, and ease of application for job candidates.
  • Forward-thinking approach to determining and designing features that leverage extensive research, customer feedback, and an intimate understanding of industry practices, both good and bad
  • Robust and multifaceted Customer Engagement Program, including SmartRecruiters’ customer success team, which is focused on elevating recruitment by sharing both the best methods for using the tool and industry best practices

The IDC is highly regarded research institute that puts data about ICT (information and communications technologies) vendors into context for prospective customers. This 360-degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses helps technology-buyers position the offerings of the marketplace in their minds and make strategic decisions about their hiring futures.

More companies are realizing that retaining the best talent is going to be the competitive edge for their business going into the future. And that the way to source those top candidates isn’t a limited applicant tracking system but through a comprehensive talent acquisition suite which is why reports like the IDC’s are gaining traction.

We leave you with Kyle’s words about when you should consider SmartRecruiters TAS:

“Is talent acquisition a critical business driver in your organization? Do you believe there is no such thing as “good enough” in candidate experience, hiring manager satisfaction, and quality of hire? Consider SmartRecruiters. Are you tired of wrestling with an overly configured, entrenched legacy ATS and ready to bring recruiting into the 21st century? Consider SmartRecruiters. Do you want to build a recruiting function that is supported by data-driven decision making and collaborative hiring practices? Whether you’re a company of 500 or 15,000, consider SmartRecruiters.”

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