Thank You Letter After A Phone Interview: How to Write it!

So much for impressing your future boss with your classy sense of style or firm handshake. Instead of an in-person interview, you’re now walking around with your phone pressed to your ear, frantically taking sips of coffee while wishing for a heightened sense of hearing superpower. That’s right. It’s time for a phone interview. And while the phone interview is certainly its own beast, perhaps even more difficult is figuring out the protocol for writing a thank you letter after a phone interview.

Because you didn’t get a complete sense of the person on the other end of the line, it can be difficult and daunting to write a thank you letter after a phone interview. That’s why we’ve outlined four strategies and templates for solving just this problem.

Things to include:

  • Something personal about the conversation you had
  • Highlight again why you’d be perfect for the job
  • Say “thank you” and that you look forward to chatting (or meeting) soon

Here are 3 Samples Of Thank You Letters After a Phone Interview

1. Send a short and sweet email about an hour after the interview

“Hi Joe Smith,

Thanks so much for chatting with me! It was a pleasure to hear about all of the work that you do with X Company and to bounce some ideas off of you. I particularly enjoyed our discussion of how to implement a scalable freelance network. I look forward to chatting again soon!



This tactic is ideal for short, introductory interviews that last around 15 minutes. Make sure to include one sentence that specifically references what you discussed with the interviewer so that you stand out from other candidates.

2. A gift with a note

Wait a day, then send a casual gift (cookies, some moleskin notebooks, or even personalized pencils with each of your potential teammates’ names on them) and a little handwritten note saying something like:

“Hey John,

It was so great to get a chance to talk with you yesterday! I look forward to meeting in-person with you and the rest of the team.



Many recruiters and managers actually say that the best follow up notes they’ve ever received were comprised of a gift. Be it home made cookies or fun socks for the team, the gesture goes a long way. This tactic is best for long interviews, lasting around an hour, in which you get to talk in-depth with your potential boss or team. It serves to add a tangible feature to your conversation, and keeps you on your potential boss’s mind (how could they not think of you as they munch on your delicious cookies!).

3. An Ideas Followup Email

“Hi Joe Smith,

It was great to chat with you about ideas for X company this morning! As a followup to what we discussed, I have outlined three potential strategies for X and X.

– Implement (tool) to (make things better)

– Hire contractors through UpWork at the cost of ____

– Try this growth hacking strategy that I recently read about

I look forward to talking about these ideas and more with you!



This tactic is great for if you feel like you did not get a chance to fully demonstrate your expertise or qualifications. Many people get nervous on phone interviews, and end up coming across as less confident than they wanted to. Make up for it by outlining actionable ideas that you would like to implement at your potential company. This way, your future employer knows that you are more than your phone interview.

Want more? Here are some example templates for 4 different types of thank you letter.

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