What It’s Really Like to Work at T-Mobile

A newcomer on Glassdoor’s best places to work, T-Mobile is no stranger to other accolades: its CEO has been ranked among the highest-rated CEOs for three years running, and it has scored an overall rating of 4.0 on Glassdoor. Want to work there? Here’s the real scoop. 

The Perks

Employees of T-Mobile have rated its benefits and perks on Glassdoor with a score of 4.4.

As you might expect, when you work at a cell-phone service company, you get awesome cell-phone-related perks. One former employee wrote, “the cell phone perks are great, as you get 75 percent off your plan.” But perhaps even better, the employee added, is that “you also receive stock options, which mature after 12, 24, or 36 months, depending on [your] title. [And] the vacation you receive increases every year, which ends up being a lot of vacation after 10-plue years—I had roughly 28 days of PTO, not including holidays.”

What’s more, another former employee says that T-Mobile’s staff gets “benefits including great health, dental and vision insurance, flexible spending, childcare subsidy, life insurance and disability benefits.” In fact, the employee wrote, “during the time I was working there, [T-Mobile] provided … tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and more.” 

The People

According to one current employee, the culture at T-Mobile is “laid back,” with “good people—especially in HR.” A former employee touted T-Mobile’s ability to show deep appreciation to its employees, writing, “the company takes the time to invest in valuing their workers.” In other words, the people here seem to really want you to succeed. 

Plus, did we mention that T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, has been ranked among the highest-rated CEOs for three years now? He’s got a 96 percent approval rating from employees.  

The Office Digs and Culture

If you work in a T-Mobile store, you’ll enjoy the company’s distinct pink hue combined with a healthy wash of white to make a more clean, modern color palette. 

As for the culture, “T-Mobile treats their employees as good as they expect us to take care of our customers,” wrote one current employee. “They are always looking out for our best interest and they are providing us the tools and knowledge to be successful. Management is amazing and so supportive. The culture is energetic, fun, and feels like family!” 

the store

The Pay

A retail sales associate at T-Mobile can expect to make an average of $10.94 per hour, according to salaries left on Glassdoor. A retail sales representative makes about $11.14 an hour, while a customer service representative earns about $13.97 an hour. 

Pay increases at the managerial level, where a retail associate manager makes $17.29 an hour and a retail store manager earn about $52,588 per year, Glassdoor data shows. 

The Verdict

T-Mobile is on the cutting edge of technology—and based on employee reviews and ratings, it’s also forward-thinking when it comes to perks, benefits, and its company culture. Who wouldn’t want to work in a “laid-back” environment with stock options and healthcare?

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