What’s It Really Like to Work at Eventbrite

Eventbrite got its start in 2006, but since then, it’s made a huge impact on live experiences–and how business keep employees happy. With between 500 to 1,000 employees, the company that powers tickets and registration for over two million live events made our list of Best Places to Work, among small and medium-sized businesses.

So how does a company keep millions of customers and hundreds of employees so happy? Employees share an inside scoop on Glassdoor so you can see why Eventbrite succeeds at more than just promoting events.

The perks

Employees say the best perk to working at Eventbrite is the unlimited vacation policy–because when they say unlimited, they mean unlimited. Employees say their time-off requested are not counted, so you truly can take off time when, and however often, you need or want to!

It only gets better too! Free lunches, in-office yoga, paid healthcare, wellness stipend and get this, there’s even a “smoothie room!”

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“Eventbrite has the best benefits of any company I’ve ever worked for,” says an employee who works in the company’s Nashville office. “Catered lunches, unlimited PTO, fun quarterly team building activities to name a few.”

Probably the best thing about the perks and benefits at Eventbrite is that they’re not confusing and everything is well outlined to you upon hire.

“There is literally nothing bad to say about Eventbrite’s benefits,” writes a customer experience representative. “They are easy to understand, fully comprehensive, and affordable. They work very well for me and my family.”

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The people

If you think Eventbrite’s perks sound great, you should meet the people who work there–because apparently, they’re awesome.

“The company is composed of incredibly helpful, thoughtful, and truly kind individuals who honestly care about your personal and professional growth,” writes one current employee.

“Originally, I came to Eventbrite for the people, and they are still what keep me here. Awesome, motivated individuals work here and it’s a pleasure to come to work each day and learn from them,” says an account manager at Eventbrite’s San Francisco office.

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The office digs and culture

Eventbrite has multiple offices across the U.S., with two main offices in San Francisco and Nashville. It appears the company culture is positive at all their working stations (even to those who work from home) according to employee reviews on the matter.

“Eventbrite is an incredibly engaging place to work because it’s fast-paced, ever-changing, challenging and exciting,” explains an employee on the company’s Glassdoor page. “While this comes with its own difficulties, the environment is also incredibly supportive and community-based.”

Employees also state that the company’s transparency is a huge part of the culture, which makes working for the company and standing behind the product easy. Multiple employees also say their work-life balance is amazing because their managers encourage them to take time off, work from home or are always approachable to discuss problems.

One employee puts it fairly simple by stating, “The culture here is amazing and the work/life balance is better than any other company I have worked for.”

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The pay

With nearly 200 salaries reported for dozens of job titles, the pay is pretty transparent at Eventbrite. Software engineers make around $100,000 with senior engineers earning $131,000; an account manager reports a salary of $73,000 and an account executive makes $55,000. Customer service representatives are also paid well at about $16 per hour.

The verdict

You can tell a lot about a company from their Glassdoor ratings, so based on Eventbrite’s 4.5 rating and a 92% approval rating of the company’s CEO Julia Hartz, it’s safe to safe Eventbrite truly is one of the best places to work. Considering that 89% of employees would recommend working at Eventbrite to their friends, it’s likely they would recommend it to you too!

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