Why Glassdoor Women Love Working Here (And You Will, Too!)

Being a woman in the workplace is a unique experience — we get that. Amidst all of the challenges and opportunities that we encounter, it helps to be surrounded by your fellow female coworkers in a space where you can learn from, inspire, and celebrate each other. And at Glassdoor, we’ve worked hard to create that space for both men and women to thrive.

We recently turned to our Glassdoor Women’s Group to ask: What do you love about working here? As it turns out, they had a lot to share — read on below! And if you’re looking for a new opportunity where you can sink your teeth into meaningful work, collaborate with an incredible team, rally behind an important mission, and work for a company that truly cares about you, check out our open positions.

Meaningful Work

The work and my team. Every day there are new questions to be answered and I rarely have a repetitive task. Additionally, I work with a group of people who are creative, innovative, and who I’m lucky to call my friends.” — Morgan Smart, Data Science

“The challenges that I’m presented with every single day. The opportunities this company and its mission presents to all of its employees. That’s what makes Glassdoor such a great place to work. I love the teamwork and having the ability to learn from professionals of all level and tenure.” — Melissa Hofer, Sales

I can see the impact of my work on people right away. Glassdoor is big enough to invest in people development programs, but still small enough to move quickly.” — Marca Clark, Learning & Org Development

I love that we do work every day that matters… and that we are trusted and supported to get on with it.” — Cayla Were, Sales

The Team

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People!!! In a decade of my engineering career, Glassdoor is the first company where I can say – All of the people I have come across and worked with are genuine, honest, fun, creative and the list goes on.” — Megha Krishnamurthy, Engineering

“I look forward to work every single day. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to work at a company with a mission that I am passionate about, but I am surrounded by amazing team members that feel the same way and are an absolute joy to spend my week (and often weekend) with.” — Grace Toan, Sales

The people. I’m motivated by the smart, scrappy, and supportive talent around me.” — Lisa Holden, Corporate Affairs

I enjoy coming to work every day because each day is different. The best part though? I can go to anyone and ask for help. Everyone is willing to drop what they are doing in order to see others succeed.” — Addie Payne, Sales

The people and the opportunities to grow. Just about every interaction I have each day is with people who are smart, fun, and caring. It’s the best company culture I’ve experienced in my many years of working.” — Katherine Johnson, Marketing

The people. We have amazing people at Glassdoor. Intelligent, friendly, driven, passionate. I love working alongside them – they inspire me to work hard. I love my Glassdoor family!” — Cara Barry, Content & Community

Glassdoor is like a home away from home – you’re surrounded by family. No matter what type of day I’m having, I’m always excited to come to work because of the amazing people here. They push you to do better, and always have your back.” — Meha Munshi, Sales

Hands down, the people – across all departments. I love working with such passionate, smart, fun, kind people.  It makes recruiting for this company easy because I’m selling a company I love and a product I find immense value in.” — Jamie Hichens, Talent Acquisition

Freedom and respect.  I am free to openly share my ideas, questions, and passions with co-workers and leaders who listen, challenge, and support me in my goals.” — Becky Lossing, Content & Community

A Worthwhile Mission

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“I truly believe in Glassdoor’s mission to help people everywhere find a job and company they love, helping me find purpose behind everything I do. I also LOVE the people and look forward to seeing their smiling faces around the office (including at the lunch line) every day.” — Sarah Stoddard, Corporate Affairs

“I think about our mission – every single day. I am helping real people make their lives better in real ways – that inspires me.” — Stephanie Jenkins, Sales

The mission statement really transcends with me. As someone in recruiting, I love working for a recruiting company and understanding the different aspects of the business.” —  Eileen Wu, Talent Acquisition

I love working for a company whose mission statement I can truly stand behind. We are apart of something great in the fact that we make an incredible impact on individuals who are seeking a job that best fits their life. Glassdoor has given me the opportunity to work with the most intelligent, creative individuals who push me to be better every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better environment, culture and support system.” — Danielle Sorresso, Sales

“The mission motivates me to bring my best self to work each day, I feel that responsibility.  My co-workers add richness and depth to my Glassdoor journey – smartest, funniest and kindest people I have had the opportunity to work with.” — Pam Tan, Content & Community

I am so passionate about our mission, it’s something I’ve struggled with personally in the past, and from my own experience I find so much joy in helping other people find the best job and company for their life. I love how the people who work for Glassdoor embrace each other and make this an open workplace to freely share thoughts and ideas. Everyone who works here helps me be a better salesperson and a better person in general.” — Michelle de Venoge, Sales

A Company That Cares

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For the past 6 years, Glassdoor has been this incredibly real and fulfilling challenge for me personally, offering me opportunity to grow as an individual in ways I never knew possible.  It is a company that wholeheartedly invests in its employees, making it so easy to wholeheartedly invest yourself in return.” — Molly McKinstry, Sales

I feel that Glassdoor is looking out for my best interest. It empowers me to make and own decisions, and to grow and build a team. When life strikes, work is flexible enough for me to work from home or take time off at a moment’s notice. It focuses on the whole person and our whole career trajectory, which makes me love working here.” — Sarah Ewing, Marketing

You aren’t a number here, you are a valued member of the company, and encouraged to be an individual! Your ideas are heard, your creativity is admired, and your passion is recognized and encouraged.” — Christina Brady, Sales

Room to grow. Everyone is a valued member of the team and the larger company, and I truly feel that. Want to work on something? Do it. Want to learn about another team? Go talk to them. Glassdoor is incredibly supportive of the ‘choose your own adventure’ career path. You’re not going to get that everywhere, and it’s special.” — MaryJo Fitzgerald, Corporate Affairs

“The challenges and opportunities that this company provides. Your voice is really heard and if you want to make a change or suggestion, the team is willing to hear you out. The platform and tool itself is something I believe in deeply, providing job seekers transparent information about [a company] itself is something that is really rewarding.” — Allie Shimer, Sales

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